Sunday, March 27, 2022

Regime Change.... in Russia? in [Market-Ticker-Nad] (Biden actually did not lie - that has been our intent all along! - CL)

 There are those who fashion themselves the choosers.

Some believe they can choose, by fiat, the decisions of others.  We have heard this repeatedly the last two years, have we not?  "You shall stay home."  "You shall wear a rag on your face."  "You shall not operate this business, but that one that sells weed or booze is fine."  "Your neighbor shall be paid to not work, you must go to work."  "You shall take this jab of untested, dangerous substance."

We failed as Americans, as free people.  We did not tell them to **** off.  We did not tell Trump and State Governors to shove it up their ass, and if they refused to back off in the face of our 100:1 or greater numerical superiority, literally shove it up their ass, by force if we had to.

We have for decades told other nations who their leaders can be.  We have officially adopted a policy of "regime change" in other nations, and even bragged about it.  We blew up over 500,000 children in Iraq over a false claim that Iraq had "WMD", knowingly false, and enforced same at the cost of a half million of their children.  Years later Albright defended our slaughter of those children as "worth it."  Yes, Saddam was an *******, and from reports got a broom handle up his ass to underline that point, but before he did we slaughtered a half-million children in Iraq who's only "crime" was being born there.

He didn't kill those kids, I remind you.

We did and flew the flag at half-mast for the woman who said "it was worth it."

Now Biden has stated that it is our intention to inflict the same outcome on Russia.

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — President Joe Biden on Saturday dramatically escalated his rhetoric against Vladimir Putin, calling for the Russian leader to be removed because of his brutal invasion of Ukraine.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.,” Biden’s said at the very end of a speech in Poland’s capital that served as the capstone on a four-day trip to Europe.


Now we deign to ourselves the right to remove a nuclear power's leader and denude its government?

What has Putin argued was the goal of The United States and NATO all along, starting with the lies put forward during the integration process of Germany, we have now confirmed as official US policy?  

To destroy Russia -- erase it as a nation and replace its government with one fashioned after our ideals.

We have called this claim of Putin's propaganda, and claimed that was not our goal, nor that of the Western Nations, including but not limited to NATO and the remainder of Europe.

President Biden just admitted that Putin not only is not publishing propaganda now he was never wrong; the Russian premise, that our actions from 2004 forward when we admitted former Soviet satellites to NATO, was indeed to destroy Russia's government and Russian national identity.

“In this battle we need to be clear-eyed. This battle will not be won in days, or months, either,” Biden said.

So this is not really about Ukraine at all, is it?


Ukraine is simply a foil, a convenient hotbed of corruption that was "useful" to the underlying goal.

The official goal of the Biden Administration is the destruction of Russia.

For the last two decades, across Adminsitrations, it has been about destroying Russia.

And as long as Biden and those who enable him to continue to be President do so it will continue to be about exactly that, which means the real "western goal" is exactly what Putin said it was, and which we stridently (and falsely) maintained it was not.

We got away with this -- a policy of "regime change" -- in multiple other places.  Bosnia and Iraq to name two of several.

Putin isn't the problem with this statement.

The entire Russian Federal Assembly, along with the Russian people are the problem.  Joe Biden just declared war on their political system, their representation such as it is, and their way of life, stating that the United States is now committed to their destruction however long it may take, recognizing and committing to the fact that it will not occur in days, weeks or months.

Are Americans going to stand for this?

Joe Biden just committed this nation to the destruction of Russia, including through nuclear war if Russia refuses to be destroyed short of same.

He did this without a formal declaration of war from Congress.  I remind you that in the previous "regime change" declarations both the people and Congress allowed all of those without a formal declaration of war either.

Is it acceptable to you, America, that the President has done this?  Do you consent to this?  Do you consent to having a President who is in power only because his, and his son's, direct corruption in the very land where there is now a war were deliberately covered up and kept from you prior to the election?

The question of consent, which I have often raised since early 2020, has now had the stakes raised from diapers on faces and jabs in arms that, on my best-guess calculation, will lead to 1 in 30 of those took them being permanently screwed in some form to nuclear hellfire on your literal front lawn.