Monday, March 28, 2022

You may not be interested in war but war is interested in you - and it’s coming! (The economic side is already here.)

Capital Flows Confirm War is Coming! - By Martin Armstrong - Our model has ALWAYS picked up the shifts in capital flows that precede war.

It pains me to have to even write this today. But clearly, those who understand where this is going is World War III and make no mistake about it – this is INTENTIONAL!

GRADUALLY, THEN SUDDENLY – The Burning Platform - The Ukrainian people are just cannon fodder to these evil men. After two years of demanding submission from the peasants regarding lockdowns, masking and vaccine mandates, the ruling elites believe they will be able to enforce food and energy restrictions with the same ease upon the American people.

This is where I believe their master plan goes awry. Putin will not be cowed by Biden’s toothless sanctions, empty threats, and pathetic tough guy rhetoric. He will use any means necessary to defeat his foes. Economic sanctions are an act of war. Supplying his enemy with weapons to kill Russians is an act of war. NATO and the U.S. are one miscalculation away from starting WW3.

The Financial Fifth Column - Vox Popoli - Vladimir Putin’s economics advisor considers the probable effects of the massive globalist sanctions on Russia and concludes most of them can be negated with proper banking policies:

Lessons for the Next War - Vox Popoli - Those who refuse to recognize evil, or who cannot do so, will be defeated by it, no matter how smart or how Christian or how good they happen to be. As Sun Tzu observes, the way to ensure defeat is to neither know yourself nor your enemy.

Coof Wars Post Mortem - by Karl Denninger - The most important lesson is to recognize evil and refuse to compromise with it. If after the fact you realize you have been duped, withdraw your consent immediately.

Farmers On The Brink | ZeroHedge - We believe we are at the onset of a global famine of historic proportions. In a staggering defiance of logic, many US politicians are still attacking the lifeblood of our own energy production infrastructure, looking to score political points against “the other team,” blaming price-taking producers of global commodities for gouging, threatening producers of energy with windfall profits taxes, resisting calls to remove bureaucratic hurdles to new production, and refusing to open an introductory physics textbook to help guide them through the suite of policy choices that require true leadership to get right. They remain stuck in an endless loop of platitudes, blamestorming, corruption, and ignorance.

Regime Change.... in Russia? in [Market-Ticker-Nad] (Biden actually did not lie - that has been our intent all along! - CL) - President Biden just admitted that Putin not only is not publishing propaganda now he was never wrong; the Russian premise, that our actions from 2004 forward when we admitted former Soviet satellites to NATO, was indeed to destroy Russia's government and Russian national identity.


From the library:

Who Wants War? Did anyone ask you?  Have you ever asked the fundamental question?

The War on Terror? No – It’s actually a war on world trade – by America!

All of America’s billionaires want to conquer both Iran and Russia, but they disagree with one-another about the order in which it should be done.

Who Rules Us? Does Anyone Care?