Friday, March 25, 2022

Preparing to Back Down - Vox Popoli

 Some officials of the Fake Biden Administration are beginning to think about how they’re going to climb down from the “Failed Russian Invasion” narrative they’ve relentlessly pushed since the day it began now that it is becoming obvious that they simply didn’t understand Russia’s limited objectives:

One major issue the Tiger Team is looking at is the threshold that could prompt the alliance to use military force in Ukraine. Mr. Biden has made clear that he is enormously reluctant to do so, fearing that direct confrontation with Russia could escalate the conflict beyond control. “That’s World War III,” he noted recently.

A second team of officials, also created by Mr. Sullivan’s Feb. 28 memo, is looking at long-term opportunities for the United States to improve its geopolitical position as a result of Mr. Putin’s invasion. Inside the White House, it has become an article of faith that the Russian leader made a huge strategic error — one that will diminish Russia’s standing, cripple its economy and alienate potential allies for years. But it is early in the conflict, other officials caution, and that conclusion may prove premature.

The immediate concern is what Mr. Putin may do next — driven by a desire to rescue a failing military effort or re-establish his credentials as a force to be feared.

Officials believe the chances that Mr. Putin will resort to detonating a nuclear weapon are small. But Russia’s steady stream of reminders that it has its arsenal at the ready, and could use it in response to anything it perceives as an “existential threat,” has put Washington on high alert.

The narrative concerning Putin’s threats about resorting to nuclear weaponry is also false. NATO, the US, and the globalist media have all interpreted these threats as indicating desperation that supports the failed invasion assumption. But that isn’t true. The reason that the Russians have continuously hammered home their willingness to use nuclear weapons, both tactical and strategic, is because US strategy specifically assumes that no one will ever use nuclear weapons under any circumstances, thereby rationalizing the use of the very conventional measures that will trigger a nuclear response under the Russian military doctrine.