Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Stumbling from the avoidable to the inevitable……..

You Did Stupid Things - by Karl Denninger - Your child, spouse, significant other, loved one -- or you -- may well be next and having done the stupid thing there's not a damn thing you can do now to stop it; that option expired when you let the original acts take place without putting a stop to it as soon as the signals on safety showed up -- which, I remind you, we knew about and I wrote about before the mass campaign began and thus every bit of this was completely avoidable.

The Western World Has Had Its Run - - Present generations of Americans will not recognize their country.  Rivers, mountains, streets, schools, public spaces, even towns  are losing their names and acquiring new politically correct names.  Normally, this is what outside conquerors do to a country, but we are doing it to ourselves.  A country that destroys its own monuments and history is lost.

My conclusion is that the days of the West are over.  The West is drowning in accumulated mistakes and degeneracy.  The moral fiber in the leadership ranks is gone.

The Crisis | The Z Blog - In other words, the Global American Empire is facing both serious external crises and irreconcilable internal crises.

The New World Order That Is Being Prepared Under the Pretext of War in Ukraine - By Thierry Meyssan - The conflict in Ukraine was not opened by Russia on February 24, but by Ukraine a week before. The OSCE is a witness to this. This peripheral conflict had been planned by Washington to impose a New World Order from which Russia, then China, were to be excluded. Don’t be fooled!

How Mariupol will become a key hub of Eurasia integration, by Pepe Escobar - The Unz Review - In a pre-Covid loop across Central Asia, one constantly heard that China builds plants and high-speed railways while Europe at best writes white papers. It can always get worse. The EU as occupied American territory is now descending, fast, from center of global power to the status of inconsequential peripheral player, a mere struggling market in the far periphery” of China’s “community of shared destiny.”

A Direct Challenge - Vox Popoli -  We would be fortunate indeed to witness the defeat of global satanry and a restoration of Christendom. No one is expecting it to be granted favored legal status in China, but then, no one was expecting Constantine to reject paganism and embrace Christianity either.

And certainly none of us who grew up in the red shadow of the atheist Soviet Union was expected what has happened in Russia since 1991.