Saturday, March 19, 2022

Idiot Jingoists, Corrupt Clowns and Their Consenting Audience!

It is not an unfortunate accident that the whole world has arrived at the abyss of possible human disaster perhaps unparalleled in history. For the psychopathic leaders to succeed in their evil undertakings you need willing foot soldiers to implement their schemes….often voluntarily.


The purpose of this site since 2015 has been not to reinvent the wheel in informing the populace, but simply to gather useful written evidence from experienced observers of history and archive some of their works in one convenient library for future retrieval – thus DaLimbraw Library.


However, as another site author expressed yesterday, we in this edifying (hopefully) process are preaching to the choir who are not only already informed, but constantly seeking a refining of their knowledge. What about the rest?


As I expressed in my comment: I can clearly understand your frustration and exhaustion……

Almost 7 years ago, I started what I thought to be an adventure of edifying folks who simply never had the chance to learn about the real world on government, religion, politics and culture. No, it wasn't my wisdom I wanted to dispense, but rather to collect the wisdom of others and make it easily available for others to research - assuming they had the intellectual curiosity to do so.

Here's what I learned, it was an assumption based on delusion! The vast majority has zero interest in learning truth, and I can now show you some evidence - - that is a post I put up a couple of days ago entitled Rhetoric, Dialectic....and Reality!

Vox Day's short summary in that collection concludes that we are informing no more than 5 percent of the population...and from that group no more than 2 out of 5 will actually check and prove it to themselves. 

Talk about 'broad is the way to destruction...'!

But do keep in mind that God always has His remnant to enact His plan into eternity - a pattern clearly seen in the Bible for those with eyes to see.


So with that background in mind, here are some jewels we posted today:

Cracks in the Narrative - Vox Popoli - Optics are not everything. Propaganda is not power. And no amount of wishing and wordspelling is sufficient to defeat air, sea, and ground superiority combined with the will to complete the mission.

Interestingly, Karl Denninger predicted this on March 9 - The actual news: Russia won.


Wewere already getting sick and tired of this Zelensky clown – David Stockman completes the whole Ukraine scenario – one more time – for those idiot congress creatures and their moronic shock troops in our society that “They are, in fact, so red in tooth and claw with the blood of economic warfare that they would drive the global economy to collapse rather than acknowledge that they – and they alone – brought this horrendous situation to the doorstep of the world.”

We need to talk about South Korea – Alex Berenson exposes the presumed optimal medical mandates now meeting REALITY – “We’re all Team Reality now, folks, even if some of the bluechecks still haven’t caught up. The only question left is not how much good but how much damage those miracle shots have done.”


Putin: Destined to Hang or Drown? - Author: Tom Luongo - I think a global memetic collapse is in process as I type this. We can’t see it here in the West because we aren’t allowed to. But in parliaments and politburos around that part of the world that Davos just sees as ‘the help,’ it’s happening. The headlines are coming in almost too fast for anyone to keep up with.


So we arrive at that eternal question - Now What? The Great Uncleaving - By Southern Catholic Mom - It is time, after over two years of unchecked government tyranny and unhinged insanity of half the population, for The Great Uncleaving - that is what I am calling for sane people in the West to undertake immediately……


We will have healthy marriages and loving families. We will build exclusive communities and living spaces for us. We will educate and care for our own children and descendants. We will write our own histories. We will celebrate and conserve our cultures. We will live in harmony and peace as The Lord provided us. We will reject and segregate out the upstarts, rabble, troublemakers, the “change” makers, the outsiders who hold dual loyalties, and those who just want our genocide.

Let us begin our secession, withdraw our consent, remove ourselves, our children, our brains and brawn. We are the builders, the creators of civilization. We are right. Let us be so convicted of our beliefs.

Let the Great Uncleaving come to pass.

Let us LIVE FREE!!!