Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Playing Dumb | Kunstler

Would our country be disappointed if Russia actually solved the problem of Ukraine? You have every reason to think so.

It must be obvious by now that the biggest complainers about “misinformation” in the USA are the biggest spreaders of it. When you hear “baseless” and “conspiracy theory” do you not automatically now scent the rot of propaganda working through the delicate tissues of reality? Eventually the stench of psyop is so sharp that it even wakes up the walking dead.

Would our country be disappointed if Russia actually solved the problem of Ukraine? You have every reason to think so. For one thing, we would be stuck having to face our own problems, especially the ones caused by lying to ourselves, such as the nearly unthinkable obscenity of having possibly poisoned a majority of the US population with mRNA “vaccines” and killed hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 patients by withholding known effective treatments. What would you suppose we might do about that?

Hold people accountable? The scale of this disaster is so enormous that the country can’t begin to process it. And it’s not just us, it’s all of Western Civ, which is more or less interchangeable with NATO, now the chosen instrument of distraction. Do any of these member nations have the stomach to face their own gross institutional failures? Apparently not yet.

Even in the face of massive emerging data that the “vaccines” are a bust and have additionally injured and killed many people, the CDC still urges Americans to vaxx up and boost up. So, by the way, does allegedly “former president” Barack Obama, who tested positive for the virus over the weekend, despite being vaxxed to the max. Who will tell them to stop digging that hole they’re in before they dig all the way to China?

It’s only a matter of time before the swindled public flips and realizes it has been subject to mass murder by bureaucrats, politicians, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and purveyors of the news. They’re all in this up to their necks, as are their corresponding officials in France, Germany, the UK, et cetera. They are trying to sweep this enormous lump of depravity under the rug, hoping that the masses of citizens will just leave the room.

They used the same playbook for SpyGate and 2020 election fraud, but the odor of those two exploits lingers, too. CBS’s 60-Minutes (“brought to you by Pfizer!”) was still working the latest narrative failure Sunday night, attempting to defame special prosecutor and former state supreme court justice Michael Gableman’s 2020 Wisconsin election report, which accused Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg of feloniously queering the vote by paying millions of dollars through a cut-out charity organization to replace actual local officials with Democratic Party activists to run the machinery of the election. Nothing to see there, declared CBS front-man Bill Whitaker. Judge Gableman’s report is just another conspiracy theory.

Threatened by losing the war against its own citizens, the US government now seeks a wider kinetic war over its would-be client state, Ukraine. The stakes must be pretty high for “Joe Biden” and Company to risk starting World War Three. Why else inflame a dangerous situation by sending more weapons there? I’ll tell you why: to prolong Russia’s operations to neutralize Ukraine so it won’t cause further trouble to them or anybody else in the world. The longer the US can keep that going, the longer we can put off the various reckonings at home.

America has no intention of actually defending Ukraine. It’s really just a global version of the interpersonal game “Let’s You and Him Fight,” as described by pioneering psychologist Eric Berne (1910 -1970), father of transactional analysis. The member nations of NATO have even less desire to join the battle, and are doing a poor job of pretending they oppose Russia’s disagreeable but necessary work there. So far, they have had to sacrifice desperately needed natural gas supplies from Russia. You can be sure they will find a way to sneak around US sanctions and reverse the blunder. They have no choice really, unless they want to go forward without any industries. Google-up the paintings of Pieter Bruegel the Elder and you’ll catch a glimpse of that possible European future. Of course, they’ll also have to answer to their own citizens for the awful mistakes in the terrible saga of Covid-19.

The best outcome, as others have pointed out, will be the disassembly of Ukraine into an eastern Russian zone — perhaps annexed into Russia — and a rump western Ukraine state that will be as quiet and inoffensive as Moldova and Slovakia next door.  (When was the last time they caused any trouble in the world?) It would be best for everyone, and especially the Third World, if the Russian operation is concluded as quickly as possible with a structured peace settlement, leaving a chance to get a Ukrainian grain crop planted, because otherwise a lot of innocent people will go hungry. Is the USA interested in a peace settlement? Or do we want to drive events further toward tragedy and our own national suicide?