Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The USA’s Army of Illegals - Vox Popoli

 I wouldn’t go so far as to predict that the US government’s alternative army of armed illegals will be activated against the citizenry in 2024, but the material possibility is a clear and observable danger:

Expect civil unrest to break out in 2024 as globalist elites go for the final takedown of America as we know it in preparation for their satanic digital reset of the world order. The year 2023 will go down in history as the point at which the globalists completed the assembly of a massive secret army inside the U.S. in preparation for the final takedown of America, transforming it into Amerika.

By my calculations, there are anywhere from 1.5 million to 5 million foreign soldiers already inside the U.S. awaiting orders. My math is based on the government’s own statistics for illegals entering the U.S. over the last three years and then I estimated how many were military-age males using very conservative numbers on the low end and moderately conservative numbers on the top end. The most conservative number, 1.5 million, assumes that no foreign agents of military age were already here prior to January 2021, which of course we know cannot be the case but I wanted to demonstrate just how conservative these numbers are.

So, we have 1.5 million, at the very least, super-fit males of military age we’ve seen entering the U.S. as “asylum seekers,” which has become the new Orwellian term for illegal aliens. It’s no longer a secret. You can go on X, formerly Twitter, and watch countless videos of waves of men entering the U.S. with no papers to identify who they are. Even if we go with the ultra-conservative figure of a 1.5 million-man army now assembled inside the United States, that is formidable by anyone’s standards.

Now, what if all those weapons purchased by U.S. federal government agencies were accumulated for the purpose of arming this assembled army? Think about that. Everyone wondered why federal agencies with no law enforcement role, like the Small Business Administration, Department of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, were buying up guns and ammo under Obama’s administration and now again under Biden’s regime. This unprecedented militarization of the federal government did not even stop under Trump, it just slowed down. I am not here to tell you why those agencies have felt the need to arm up, but I can tell you that the reason cannot be good. One plausible explanation would be that they will use these stockpiles to supply one side in a coming civil war that has probably been planned for a long time.

Strategic analysis is not about what one deems to be probable on the basis of one’s feelings, but rather, what is possible on the basis of the material facts in evidence. And the fact is that a) the army of illegals is now present in the USA, b) the federal government has stockpiled weapons far beyond the needs of its agents, and c) the federal government is presently dominated by foreigners whose interests are actively opposed, if not aggressively hostile, to the interests of the heritage American nation.

There is no question about the near-certain probability of war coming to the United States. There are virtually no examples of the mass movement of peoples not eventually resulting in war, and the territory of the USA has seen the largest movement of peoples in the history of the world over the last 50 years. But the form and scope of that war is not yet clear, nor can we be certain what the various factions involved will be.

Regardless, it’s coming, presumably sooner rather than later, and it is too late to avoid or escape the situation. It’s not too late, however, to be sure you’re not living in one of the obvious hotspots, or to begin preparing for the inevitable consequences of widescale conflict.

Remember, however, that conflict across an area as vast as the United States does not mean that it is going to directly touch everyone. In fact, it almost certainly will not touch the majority of people who are reading this; the greater part of Europe never saw any significant violence from 1939 to 1945, not even the parts occupied by Germany. Don’t despair, but be aware.