Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Aiding and abetting the Abortion-Industrial Complex - by Dr. Joel McDurmon (American Vision)

This week we have seen two examples in which the compromised, mushy, politically correct, hamstrung, “loving,” pro-life movement is exposed for the ineffective, wasteful, counterproductive money pit that it is.
No sooner was it revealed that Focus on the Family has published a virtual how-to brochure for the abortion pill than we are now treated to a Christianity Today authoress telling us that calling abortion “murder” is “unchristlike.”
With pro-life activism like this, who needs Planned Parenthood?
Earlier this week the link to the abortion pill brochure made its rounds on social media. The pamphlet is entitled “The Abortion Pill” and gives information on what happens during an abortion and steps to take to avoid making it “less safe.” Wouldn’t want “less safe” abortions now, would we? It is endorsed by Focus on the Family and hosted on its website.
Buried near the end of the brochure, the author does suggest the reader should “think about the life within you” and states that the abortion pill will result in the “death of the baby.” Good. But why bury this truth beneath pages of guidelines for abortion to be as safe as possible?
It’s an evangelical technique: let’s pretend to speak the language of the lost, pretend to be one of them, and then bashfully squeeze in a tiny bit of our own worldview at the end hoping they just might, please, please, consider the Gospel if we’re nice enough, compassionate enough, not confrontational, and do not appear too confident about our convictions. (This last part will kill any deal among this crowd: if you wield your convictions confidently, you automatically fail the first tip-toe-steps of the psychobabble-ballet. You will be deemed a flathead and Neanderthal, and if you speak intellectually, a patriarchalistic meanie.)
Ironically, the second example before us also took the step which is normally edited out of such literature. On the second page, it acknowledges that abortion “ends a precious human life.” One has to wonder, then, why she demands we not call it what it is: murder. She writes:
[R]eferring to abortion providers as “abortion ghouls,” clinic volunteers and workers as “deathscorts” or “bloodworkers,” and women who obtain abortions as “murderers” is worse than inflammatory: it is unchristlike. Calling legal abortion “murder” when it isn’t (it is, to our shame, lawful) is to say what isn’t true, at least in a civil (not church) context.
Why the disconnect? Because she’s following the same method as the brochure above: smothering truth beneath clouds and pillows of emotional softness and niceness.
For this reason, she brings forth the proverb: “The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing” (Prov. 12:18).
Would that she had read the verses before and after that one:
He who speaks truth tells what is right,
But a false witness, deceit. . . .
Truthful lips will be established forever,
But a lying tongue is only for a moment.
Deceit is in the heart of those who devise evil,
But counselors of peace have joy. . . .
Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord,
But those who deal faithfully are His delight (Prov. 12:17–22).
Those who speak the truth must tell what is right . . . not engage in watered-down deceits to make the truth more palatable to sin or those who love sin. Those who lie in such a way are involved in an abomination to the Lord.
It is just such a deceit to engage in the subterfuge that because abortion is technically legal according to American civil law, to call it “murder” is “to say what isn’t true.”
Well, technically it was “legal” to round up and kill Jews in Nazi Germany, too, eh? Guess Christians should have sat by and not called it “murder,” eh?
Oops. My bad. That’s exactly what mushy evangelical-types did do. Some things never change.
One wonders exactly what that which “ends a precious human life” should be called, after all.
I call it murder, because by God’s definition and God’s law, it is murder. To have recourse to the laws of men to the contrary in order to remove the stigma of the label is to obey men rather than God, and to refuse to confess His name before men. To call the clear declaration of God’s standards “unchristlike” is quite frankly to call evil good and good evil.
The insistence that we must suppress the clear dictates of God’s Word under some feministic emotional standard of “love” is subversion of the divinely-revealed objective with the fallen-human subjective. This satanic exchange is being made in the name of “the temperance of love.” Behold, the angel of light so comes.
Those who look upon these instances as some sort of departure from once solid organizations need not be so surprised. Some, for example, have noted that the move by Focus on the Family occurred only after Dobson left. This has sure gone downhill!
But actually, the seeds of such sell-out rebellion were sowed by Dobson himself. I confirmed my suspicions speaking with some veterans of the hard-core pro-life movement. My source assured me they spotted Dobson’s compromises with the cult of self-esteem and humanistic Behaviorism from very early on. His focus on emotional neediness and self-esteem have ruined more culture and feminized more Christians than the ministry has helped. (Read a good critique here.)
Since the general evangelical world long since abandoned God’s Law as a standard for all of life, they have filled the void with various types of humanism. Christian colleges—even purportedly conservative Reformed ones—churn out feminists faster than anything. They flood families, schools, churches, missions, parachurch ministries, publishing houses, and the general public—where they fit in.
What we see in these examples today is the fruit of a couple of generations of sell-outs to humanism. What once started as allegiance to Sola Scriptura and biblical worldview in the days of Carl F. Henry was quickly exposed as lip-service, and is now in full subversion mode. God’s Law is now declared unchristlike. God’s law is now cherry-picked to decree the declaration of God’s Law in its fullness off-limits. For these, Autonomy has trumped Theonomy.
In doing so, these gelatinous half-truthers are doing nothing—as their forefatheresses have done nothing for over 40 years—to stop abortion. They have instead all but sanctioned it by holding the hard-core at bay with their insistence on being so nice and “loving.” They aid and abet the abortion-industrial complex with their mushiness. Yet they want your donations because they’re so nice, “loving,” they love “life,” and they have made such great progress.
In doing so, they have no idea what love is. Love is defined by the dictates of God’s law. Any time we suppress or avoid that truth out of alleged love, we do not love, we lie. It is time that Christians today valued true Bible-based love over the lies institutionalized by the previous generation.
I can’t think of anything the pro-life movement needs to do more than openly declare that abortion is murder. It needs to be a loud, unified declaration. Christians need to acknowledge what the stakes really are. We should establish that point, and move forward from it only.