Sunday, December 13, 2015

If Trump is not elected president in 2016, the American voter has chosen 'National Suicide'!

(This morning I posted a comment on an article at The Federalist. The article was an analysis of polls.)

Besides being overly long, this article is another example of 'paralysis by analysis of the last war'. Things have changed so rapidly that most of us - pols, pundits and average folks are having a problem getting a handle on it - although my hunch is that us average yokels are doing better than the pros, at least judging by the numbers.
Let me simplify - the only real factor which affects most of us (and especially us yokels) is immigration - ALL immigration. The only candidate who brought this to the table is daDonald. No one else is serious about it, including Cruz. Immigration is the only serious issue - if we don't put a halt to it immediately, it won't matter whoever is a conservative or not. It is no longer about conservatism - it is about American nationalism. That includes tradition, culture, sovereignty, etc. - in short, the American experiment. Without a full stoppage on immigration NOW - the American experiment is over and done with - period!
If you're not convinced by my argument, but are serious about exploring this assertion, I want you to do two things.
First, get the book just out on Amazon Kindle - "Cuckservative" - Read the chapters on 'Immigration-Economics-War'
Even if you are enjoying an adult beverage while reading, you'll be sober after you finish.
As a second source, you can go to my blog archive of articles written by various authors in the last few months. Here is the link where I word searched 'Immigration' - be prepared to read: 

(For readers on this blogsite - Please do your own word search - upper left corner)
As to my personal prediction - if Trump is not the winner overall in 2016, the American voter has chosen 'Stay the Present Course' - which is national suicide! - CL