Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Trump’s Best Traits Can Work for You - By Robert Ringer

Though I use Donald Trump as an example, this is not meant to be a political article. Rather, it’s about two important aspects of human nature.
Many establishment Republicans dislike Trump because they believe he’s more of a liberal than a conservative. But, in truth, he’s neither. He’s really a classic example of a hard-nosed businessman who’s not hung up on politics or ideology.
Like most big-business types, he’s more than willing to humor politicians of any stripe for the sake of making a deal, because he knows the system is not only B.S., but corrupt to the core. I’ve known many wealthy businessmen who are pretty much the same as Trump in this respect. They view politics as something of a giant game, and are more than happy to use it to their benefit……

So what the heck is going on here? Why are the Trump haters losing so badly?
The most important thing is that Trump has a delightful habit of saying whatever is on his mind. Many people find some of his remarks to be rude, nasty, and outrageous, but even if they would never admit it, they also sense that he’s authentic.
What does being authentic do for him? Everything! It places him in a very small minority in the fake world of politics and motivates would-be Trump haters to support him instead. Authenticity is in such short supply in politics that people — especially clueless establishment Republicans — are completely befuddled. How in the world can a guy get away with saying what he really thinks? It borders on heresy…..

In truth, when pundits and politicians are aghast at his remarks, it illustrates just how far removed they are from the average voter’s mind-set. Thanks to cable television and the Internet, I think a majority of Republican voters have a pretty good understanding of the nation’s problems. They realize that Washington is home to the world’s most powerful crime syndicate, and, as a result, they not only desperately want a presidential candidate who’s authentic, they also recognize authenticity when they see it.
In addition to his authenticity, Trump absolutely refuses to be intimidated — not by the media, not by his opponents, and not by the rest of the “hate Trump” crowd. Sure, he himself is an intimidating person, but the more important point is that he doesn’t allow others to intimidate him……

In closing, I should add that there’s one other aspect of human nature that’s in play here: To the dismay of the proponents of egalitarianism, people love winners — especially winners who are authentic and who have repeatedly been told that what they want to accomplish can’t be done. And Trump is proving to be the poster boy for both of these traits.
So whether you love Trump or hate him, you would be wise to learn from him. It’s most decidedly in your best interest to think about two of his greatest strengths — authenticity and the refusal to be intimidated — and make a concerted effort to continually improve yourself in both of these critical areas.
Human nature being what it is, you can be certain that people will admire and respect you for doing so, and that’s a big step toward becoming a winner.
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