Monday, December 7, 2015

"Western civilization is under attack"

The author of the Foreword to Cuckservative: How "Conservatives" Betrayed America, Mike Cernovich, throws down the gauntlet in introducing the book to his readers.
Western civilization is under attack and we have no support from mainstream conservatives.

Republicans control Congress. They are the majority party in both the House and Senate. What have they used their power for? Are they advancing American interests? They call themselves conservatives, and yet it seems there is nothing about America that the wish to conserve.

Conservatives insist we open our borders to all who come. We must change our ways for immigrants, which has led to poor rates of assimilation.

All too often immigrants bring values from their inferior countries to the United States.

Saying Western Culture is superior, according to prominent figures on the right, is racist, xenophobic, and bigoted.

How did I go from someone who hates writing politics to one of the leading figures of the right?

I had no choice but to take up arms after being betrayed by so-called “conservatives” and others on the “right.” No one would stand up for my rights – for our rights as men.

Rather than have our backs, conservatives watched with glee while SJWs tried screwing us over.  Even though Republicans control Congress, radical feminists appeared to discuss “rape culture” and how to destroy the rights of men. Not a single Republican spoke out against the hysteria of rape culture.

We all sensed we had been betrayed, although we didn’t know what to call our new enemies.

Then, in at the heights of Olympus, a meme emerged. This meme was brought to the light – Cuckservative.
Read the whole thing over there. Mike is second to no one, not even Milo, in setting the tone. And I very much like his idea for dropping the term "Alt Right" in favor of "Militant Right". Not only is it reminiscent of the Church Militant, but because we are more than the alternative to the traitorous cuckservatives, in fact, we are the only remaining answer, the only possible chance for survival, and political militancy is increasingly required if Western civilization is to survive intact.

Tens of millions of Americans are not gunning up because they are concerned about an overpopulation among the deers and squirrels on the continent, but because the Zombie Apocalypse is approaching.