Thursday, December 24, 2015

No king but Jesus. John C. Wright reminds Christians who they serve and celebrate this Christmas Eve:

No king but Jesus. John C. Wright reminds Christians who they serve and celebrate this Christmas Eve:
The time for submission is past.

Christians have been slandered, libeled, demeaned, and buffaloed by a very small and very patient group of Leftwing zealots who have somehow convinced the world that there is no place for us in the this world: no place for our nativity scenes at Christmas, no place for Christian marriage, no place for the Ten Commandment in our courthouse decorations, no place for historical accuracy, reality or truth in our lives, and no prayers in our schools.

Enough is enough. We outnumber them. It is time to drive them from our midst, and return our civilization to being civilized.

Let us be Christendom again.
A Merry Christmas Eve to you all. The night is dark and we find ourselves in a time of war. And yet, we remain joyful and thankful.

I love Christmas Eve, the midnight masses, the candlelight services, the cheerful Christmas greetings, and the certain knowledge that all around the world, the vast network of believers reaches into every darkness and shadow.

But whether the season's greeting is said openly with a smile or whispered surreptitiously under threat of death and torture, the Christmas message of hope in a fallen world remains the same.