Thursday, December 10, 2015

Trump's lesson for the GOP - (But will they learn it?)

By controlling the media and academy, the Left has controlled the terms of acceptable discourse. It is no longer permitted to question same sex marriage, for instance, whereas 20 years ago there was a bipartisan consensus behind the Defense of Marriage Act. Trump’s great, and essential contribution to this leftist hegemony:
Then along came Donald Trump. On key issues, he didn’t just move the Overton Window, he smashed it, scattered the shards, and rolled over them with a steamroller. On issues like immigration, national security, and even the manner of political debate itself, there’s no window left. Registration of Muslims? On the table. Bans on Muslims entering the country? On the table. Mass deportation? On the table. Walling off our southern border at Mexico’s expense? On the table. The current GOP front-runner is advocating policies that represent the mirror-image extremism to the Left’s race and identity-soaked politics.