Monday, December 21, 2015

Trump and the Wisdom of Crowds - By G. Murphy Donovan (This is just an exhilirating read!)

The more media and the establishment attack Trump, the more relevant he becomes. A strategy of confronting press and political spinners is paying yuge dividends, if we can poach Trump’s favorite adjective.
Who knows where Donald Trump’s campaign goes? He continues to confound supporters and critics alike. Win or lose, Trump brings many subjects that we prefer to ignore into sharp focus. On every hot button topic from obese women, to soft racism, to John McCain, to press bias, to immigration, on to toxic Islam, Trump is as close to truth on issues as his critics are to pandering.
Seven years of bombs, bravo sierra, and Obama dithering in Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria have killed more Arabs and Muslims than ISIS. You will never see those statistics above the fold.
Trump has bloodied the waters of American politics too. When the feeding frenzy is done, the worst shills may have consumed each other and some truth about safety and national security might still float.
For the moment, the usual suspects; media, career politicians, and associated nitwits can’t imagine Donald Trump as president. Compared to whom? Surely not Barack Hussein Obama, another Bush, or Bill Clinton’s most durable gal pal.
Posit, if you will, a series of Donald/Hillary debates. The gate on those cage matches could pay off the national debt. The winner might still have enough of a surplus to renovate 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the Trump tribe.
The wisdom of crowds is the way democracy works when media and political elites fail to fool all of the people all the time.