Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Question to American Muslims: Whose side are you on? A former FBI counterterrorism official said ' help from Muslim communities...'

A former FBI counterterrorism official said that American Muslims have provided practically zero support in hunting down radicals in their communities………..

What needs to change?  Number one: a recognition that there is a civil war in the Muslim community, and we can't import any more Muslims because we do not know what side anyone is on.  Number two: we need to put pressure on the Muslim community. Instead of telling them they are victims and inviting them to lecture the FBI, we should tell them there is a war going on, and they have to decide whose side they are on, ours or theirs.  We should tell them that the government is reallocating resources from watching hundreds of millions of Americans and is narrowly focusing on mosques and "cultural centers," so we will quickly know who is on whose side, and we will react accordingly.

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