Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Some Common Sense I Need to Hear From My Candidate - By James Longstreet

1.  Why wages in this country don’t rise fast enough for some is a simple supply and demand issue. Labor numbers in this country are inflated by illegal and legal immigration, and by visas and overstayed visas. The aggregate swells the numbers beyond the ability of the economy to absorb the supply. The supply is out of balance with the demand. Additionally, the demand for labor has dropped with our loss of manufacturing, burdensome regulations, and an antiquated tax code. This is yet one more reason to curtail or have a moratorium on immigration.
For those who like that plaque on the side of the Statue of Liberty, I recommend we return to the immigration laws of that very same era.
2. Why is it such a dangerous thought to not allow immigrants from Muslim countries into the United States when in fact Americans cannot go to their countries and become citizens? And how many of those countries receive hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid?
The common sense approach to domestic terrorism is to identify the source and designate the preventative response. You either reduce the source, as Trump suggests, or increase the response, or both. Common sense.
3. It is ridiculous to suggest that terrorist and ISIS recruitment is prompted by Gitmo or the suggestion of a moratorium on Muslim immigration. ISIS’s military went from zero to an estimated 30,000 as Obama released prisoners from Gitmo. The impact of such releases could be argued from just the opposite position, that releases increased terrorists and ISIS. Furthermore, we pulled tens of thousands of troops out of the Mideast, leaving behind roads and schools. And an immigration moratorium would incite Muslim terrorists? Wait, aren’t we told there is no connection between Islam and terrorism?
4. Removing purported offensive statues and renaming schools and buildings in order to diminish our historical figures is the new sport in this country. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a ramification of decades of poorly taught American history.
Washington fought Indians in the French and Indian War of the 1750s, Lincoln fought Indians in the Blackhawk War of 1832 and made a racist speech in 1856, Grant fought and killed Mexicans in the Mexican War and his wife was a slave owner, Phillip Sheridan fought and killed Indians as did Custer, Kearny, Reno, and Cody. Are we to rename all that is named for these men? And there are so many more examples.
Teach history properly. Not all of history is pretty, and not all of it can be understood through the prism of 21st century ethics. We can easily see the danger of a Common Core history curriculum and its directives and guidances from Washington D.C.
The opening line of every history teacher in America should be; “It is unfair to judge a man’s views on the issues of his day by the ideological fashions of another era.”  -- Anonymous
Presumed intellect and assumed intelligence draped with flattering ivory tower degrees is not a substitute for the wisdom and common sense required of a president. We need, we demand a candidate with these attributes.