Sunday, December 13, 2015

The call of the cuck - (Are Christians just emotional hedonists?)

A review of Cuckservative anticipates, correctly, I suspect, that it is Christians who will find it most difficult to give up their extra-Biblical Good Samaritanism:

The chapter on Christianity and cuckservatism is perhaps the most devastating in the book, and will be the most difficult pill to swallow for those at whom it is aimed. Your ordinary political cuckservative is, at some level, aware of his own pusillanimity and bad faith. Christian cuckservatives are, generally speaking, much more naive, good-hearted and truly well intentioned. For them, looking in the mirror that Vox Day and Red Eagle hold up will be extremely difficult. I would not be surprised if the loudest condemnations of this book come from Christian cuckservatives. Ordinary political conservatives reading this book may reproach themselves for their former credulousness and lack of good judgment, but they may more easily and readily be won over to the worldview that Vox and Red Eagle advocate since they can place the blame on the leaders of the movement. The Christian will have to go through a complete paradigm shift over his basic understanding of his own religion before he will be capable of making that same leap.

I've seen this repeatedly in Churchians. Their religion consists of equating "love" with "being nice". It puts a premium on whatever makes them feel good emotionally; they are essentially emotional hedonists rather than physical ones.

Churchians can no more accept the concept of a God who is intolerant, or a Savior who does not save everyone (except, perhaps, for the intolerant), any more than an inveterate deviant can accept the concept of a God who considers sexual deviance to be abomination. It is not an accident that they are so easily subverted by the wolves in sheep's clothing, who use the intolerance intrinsic in the concept of a fallen state of Man requiring salvation to deny the Cross, deny the Resurrection, deny Hell, and finally, deny Jesus Christ of Nazareth.