Sunday, December 6, 2015

Everyone prays, including non-religious - the only question is how and to whom?

("When you are your own god, you rely on no one greater than yourself!" - Augustine 400 AD - CL)

In the wake of the California shootings, some liberals are mocking people of other faiths for trusting in prayer.
That’s because those liberals view themselves as “gods”; and they are jealous “gods” who will brook no other gods before them. We can see this in two key ways:
  • Those liberals believe that praying to themselves will change reality just as people of faith believe that their God will intercede in times of need.
  • Those liberals look to themselves as the authors of morality just as people of faith look to their God to know what it means to be good.
While some liberals openly condemn Christian prayer, what are liberal hashtag campaigns but prayers to themselves?  How is believing that saying “Je suis Charlie” will prevent terror attacks different in nature than asking God to help? Declaring that “gun control”, going without guns, will prevent violence is not that different than saying that fasting, going without food, will end evil. Essentially liberals believe that by saying words, on Twitter or elsewhere, or by making other people give up things they like they can magically change reality.