Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016: Mean Girl Culture Takes Over the Nation - By Christopher Chantrill

I don’t know about you, but I am a profound sexist, and I believe that men and women are different.
For instance, men will engage in a direct debate on the issues man to man, while women will only talk about people not present. Men will argue with and insult each other when they are sitting at a bar, whereas women having lunch together will only “share” and sympathize while complaining about women not present.
Men have a Culture of Insult; women have a Culture of Complaint.

The boot camp for the Culture of Complaint is the U.S. high school, under the drill instruction of the Mean Girl clique. The basic thing you learn in Mean-Girl school is how to say: “I can’t believe she said that.” Vocal pauses are recommended, as in “like” and “whatever.”

But what does it mean? I will tell you.

The male Culture of Insult is related to the fact that the only thing that matters about a man is his courage. At some point, a man must respond to an insult with his fists. The female Culture of Complaint is related to the fact that the only thing that matters about a woman is her chastity. Sexual revolution, schmexual revolution. A woman’s innocence is still central to her identity -- can you spell “slut-shaming” -- and “I can’t believe she said that” is always an attack on another woman’s chastity and purity. Hey, why do you think that Hillary Clinton wore white at the DNC and the third presidential debate?

In the old days, elections were a simple fight to the death between two champions. A presidential debate was a sham fight to see who “won” the fight with his courage and verbal swordplay. But a presidential contest with a woman in it is different, because the question with a woman is not her courage but her chastity.
When the whole Cathedral of media, education, and politics collapses on its fainting couches in horror moaning “I can’t believe he said that” about Donald Trump indulging in a bit of locker-room talk eleven years ago, you know that something has changed in America.

What has changed is that the culture of America is now a women’s culture, and so, when you want to make political points, your political consultant will advise you to launch an “I can’t believe she said that” meme. The issue now is not which candidate is the more manly and courageous; the issue is which candidate is more chaste.

The year of 2016 has also been the year of the Special Snowflakes and microaggressions and Safe Spaces. This is all because our education system is now totally run by women and these women are enforcing their Culture of Complaint upon the entire education process.

If you have been following my writing none of this is a surprise to you. It was back in 2008 that I wrote about the wisest 19th-century German you have never heard of, sociologist Georg Simmel.

Simmel understood [back in 1900] that in the short term the public sphere for women would be defined by the rules “created by men and for men” but that eventually women would transform the public square to suit “a more feminine sensibility.”

And how.

In my view, women are transforming the public square in a way that banishes men from it, and forces men to create a new public square free of the woman’s Culture of Complaint.

This is because, after cultural Marxism goes to its well-deserved sleep with the fishes, men will still need to establish street cred with a reputation for courage, so men cannot submit to the woman’s Culture of Complaint. For one thing, men cannot compete in the Chastity Stakes, for no man is chaste, or ever will be.

Right now, it looks like the pearl-clutching in the pews of the Cathedral will deliver the 2016 presidential election to Hillary Clinton. But really, it doesn’t matter. When the next war starts, as it will, the nation will need to man up in short order, and women will demand that the president “do something” to make us safe.

And then the manly virtues will come back into vogue.

Really, what is so bad about enduring the humiliations and the hazings of the left-wing ruling class? Think of it as boot camp for the gathering storm. The test of manhood has ever been to demonstrate that you can take whatever the world can dish out and still keep on trucking. The instinct of every man must be to stand with his hoplite or regimental or college or union brothers, and not to sneak away to safety.

When men fail to protect their women, the result is 1945 and A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City, by Anonymous. Or worse.

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