Friday, October 14, 2016

Make America Great Again is a Movement - by Lloyd Marcus

On Rush's radio show, VP nominee Mike Pence said when he and Trump pull into a venue greeted by huge crowds and long lines, Trump has often said to him, “This is a movement, and it's about this country, and it's about the American people.”
I say, “Amen, and right on brother.” How else can you explain Trump defeating a respected black doctor and 15 politicians to win the GOP presidential nomination hands down? GOP voters simply were fed up with broken promises, betrayals, and endless, fruitless fundraising. I get it.
Since writing the “American Tea Party Anthem”, I have been on the front lines fighting for freedom since 2008; speaking and singing at over 500 tea party rallies; over 15 national bus tours. Evolving into chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee, I traveled state-to-state helping conservatives win elections, resulting in gifting the GOP control of the House and Senate.
Over the past eight years, my wife Mary and I have spent so much time on the road leaving Sammy, our greyhound, with pet/house sitters that he does not even greet us anymore when we return home; only a disinterested glance from his doggy bed.
Like my fellow patriots, I did not know the GOP was playing us; afraid to oppose the black president on some issues while siding with Obama on others. For eight years the GOP claimed they were powerless to stop Obama from being the most lawless president in U.S. history; powerless to keep their campaign promises to push back against Obama's tyranny; powerless to stop Obama from using government to punish his opposition; powerless to stop Obama from destroying our economy; powerless to stop Obama from implementing policies which endanger American lives. 
And then, along came Trump, “I will make America great again!” The same way a dog-whistle can only be heard by dogs, Trump's promise perked up the ears of the American people. The America-hating Left and political establishment could not hear the renewed hope that Americans heard in Trump's proclamation.
Fat and happy with the “Washington cartel” status quo, politicians in both parties were outraged that a mere commoner who does not even know how to speak pro-politician would dare enter their domain.
As with millions of Americans, Trump's “Make America Great Again” movement has given me hope. Leftists who control the airways pound patriots 24/7 with their message that America has unfairly exploited, dominated and destroyed the planet for far too long. Their brainwashing is so effective that American black millionaires believe themselves to be victims of evil America.
In the Left's battle to enforce planetary justice, they are orchestrating America's cultural and economic decline. The Left uses everything from bogus new reports and polls to TV sitcoms to dispirit patriots from fighting to restore America. The Left tells us 24/7, “You are outnumbered.” “Throw down your weapons.” “Resistance is futile.” Behold your new god: Progressive Thinking Man.
In the late 1960s, I was a rare black student from the Baltimore projects at the prestigious Maryland Institute College of Art; there on scholarship. I worked various jobs to cover the cost of my books and art supplies. The majority of my fellow collegians were white from wealthy families; totally funded by their parents. And yet, all I heard from them was endless vitriol for their country and parents.
The curriculum at MICA contributed to instilling anti-America, anti-parents and anti-God mindsets. A freshman required course was titled, “The History of Ideas”. In hindsight, I realize the professor was a nut with serious issues. Still, he was a professor so I assumed he was much smarter than my parents. That course shattered everything taught to me by my Christian parents.
Chuckling, Dad recently reminded me what I said to him about God after taking that college course. “Dad, I still believe, but not the way you believe.”
During my college years hating God, country and parents was cool. I still remember a white hippie buddy's rant, “This f***ing country is so f***ed up. No f***ing way will I bring a f***ing baby into this f***ing country.” While I knew America had issues, I could not understand his passionate anger and deep hatred for our country.
Well, guess who has been infiltrating and taking over government, media and education for the past 40 years? Answer: America-hating hippies, filling generations with anti-Americanism and a perverted definition of fairness. The Left's erroneous message is the world outside of America has too little because Americans have and use too much. This explains Obama's desire to bring America down from her high horse.
Trump's popularity, which bridges all demographics, tells me that the Left's anti-America virus has not reached critical mass. Most Americans long to see a leader who will put our country's best interest first.
Hillary Clinton is evil incarnate; exposed to “hate everyday Americans.” It is so repulsive watching Hillary's TV ads and media operatives using standard Democrat tactics -- divide Americans into bogus victimized groups and portray the democrat candidate as the savior.
As I stated, the Left is obsessed with bringing America down from her place in the world and implementing planetary justice. Therefore, the Left hides Hillary's multiple insidious evil crimes and misdemeanors. Meanwhile, the Left blows up Trump's shortcomings which are the equivalent of jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk compared to Hillary's.
The Left and political establishment still do not understand Trump's infectious appeal. They are incapable of hearing the higher sound of hope for a renewed America. Trump is leading a serendipitous movement for such a time as this. No amount of crap thrown at him has stuck. Donald Trump will be our next president of the United States.
My patriot ears heard Trump's message of renewed hope for America. I penned a parody song titled, “Trump Train”. 
Please enjoy the music video and spread far and wide. Encourage Americans of all stripes to hear Trump's message and join the movement to “Make America Great Again!

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