Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to get a free signed book from Mike Cernovich - by Vox Day

Remember what I said about "relentless self-promotion"? This is what it looks like in action. No sooner did I tell Mike that the Castalia-produced paperback was now available through the distribution system than he concocted a plan to promote it through the bookstores.
MAGA Mindset is available in paperback and hardcover. To get it stocked in book store, we need to create demand for it. This is where you can help me, and I’ll help you.

Go into your local bookstore. Ask them to special order MAGA Mindset in paperback for you. If they can’t find it by title, give them this ISBN: 9789527065921

You can ask any bookstore to order it for you.

When your book arrives, email a copy of your receipt to

I will send you a bonus signed copy of any of my other books. (Shipping is on me.)
·         Gorilla Mindset
·         Danger & Play: Essays on Masculinity
·         MAGA Mindset
Buy one, get a signed copy free. The offer is good internationally. And I can assure you, after you read MAGA Mindset, you'll want a second copy to give to a friend, a brother, or a son anyhow. It's a short, vicious, gut-punch of wake-up-and-smell-the-bullshit reality.

And while we're on the subject of Cernovich - again - he put up an excellent post on why the Left has been winning based on his observations made during the time he spent doing on-the-ground reporting in Europe and the USA this summer.
Conservatives fund feckless think tanks, the left funds media and entertainment. That’s why the left is winning.

There’s no exhaustive list of conservative think tanks, though research reveals there are hundreds.

What have these think tanks conserved? Think tanks can’t even prevent the financial ruin of impoverished bakers who didn’t want to perform a trivial act like baking a wedding cake for a gay wedding. (I can understand requiring doctors to treat gay people, medicine is an essential service. In what world can’t a gay couple find someone else to make a cake?)

Conservative think tanks are a complete waste of money. The NRA is the most effective conservative group, and that’s due to its political activism. The right doesn’t need yet another stately-looking “think paper.” The right needs news media, films, and cultural icons.

Original reporting is almost exclusively monopolized by the left.

How much original reporting is being done by the right? A blog post about an article someone else wrote is not original reporting. It’s commentary, and commentary is useful. But it’s not reporting.

We do more journalism via my social media than 99% of “conservative media.”

My readers got into the habit of attending Hillary rallies and showing pictures of the small crowds. That’s real journalism. Why wasn’t Ben Shapiro of Daily Wire sending people to rallies? Where was National Review? What about Weekly Standard?

The sophisticated right hates on Alex Jones. You know what? Fuck the haters. I’ve seen Alex Jones’ people everywhere doing original reporting. Joe Biggs was in Haiti right now investigating Clinton Foundation fraud.

Breitbart also sends reporters into the field to cover actual stories.

The right doesn’t need more “commentary,” or “think tanks,” or “media watch dogs.” The right needs more journalists who are in the field breaking news.

Brent Bozell is earning $400,000 running a “non-profit” media “watch dog” site. That fat egg head at Weekly Standard earns $500,000 a year. What good have they done? Show me their actual cultural impact. You can’t. They have no impact.

Rich idiots keep shoveling money into more zero-impact projects.
Mike is absolutely right. Think about how much money has been wasted, on Jonah Goldberg crying about everyone from Bill Clinton to Donald Trump, Ben Shapiro crying about the Alt-Right, John Podhoretz and Bill Kristol crying about everyone who doesn't blindly support immigration and Israel, and Brent Bozell watching the media, when compared to the amount the Original Galaxians spent on making Infogalactic happen.

The Right cries and appeals to whom? Who do they think is going to do anything about their reactionary claims that "Democrats are the real racists", "All lives matter", "Hispanics are natural conservatives" and so forth. Meanwhile, the Left has funded all the social media giants that are literally telling Americans what they can think and what they can say.

This is why the Alt Right is destined to replace the conservative movement. They're about crying and complaining. We're about creating institutions. They are reactionaries. We are revolutionaries. They're about whining. We're about winning.