Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dear Christian: Welcome to the Dumbest Voters of America Club - by CL

Dear Christian: Welcome to the Dumbest Voters of America Club

You can predict this every election season, especially during the presidential race. It’s as reliable as the rising and setting sun. It’s so simple, any child could follow the formula – any Conservative/Republican/Christian candidate can be destroyed by simply accusing him of a moral fault, the truth or relevancy being secondary.
The candidate will be then be subjected to a withering political firestorm from his own party – which asks him to resign - and we move on to other matters – job done!

This pattern repeats itself election after election. Why? If you need to ask, you have to be dumber than a rock.

Folks, we are being played – time and time again – are we really that stupid?
Stupid is as stupid does – and we are prime examples of political stupid!

While we blather on about finding righteous candidates to represent our cause, we seem to forget that there ain’t any – anywhere! There is none righteous!
We don’t even believe our own bibles – justifying our behavior as part of The Cult of Nice. That is what modern American Christianity has become – being nice trumps all! Never mind that we can’t seem to discern between good and evil – read Hebrews  5:11-14 sometimes. We are nothing more than baptized humanists!

Is it any wonder that we have lost every national institution in America over the last 100 years? At the first sign of conflict, we disappear faster than a fart in a windstorm!

I ask you – have you ever noticed that Republicans aren’t too upset to lose elections? Does their feeding at the Federal money trough come to a grinding halt? Hell no! The lobbyists come running or they themselves become lobbyists!

On a related note, we brag about our standing firm for Constitutional government, but we’re oblivious to the fact that we are now governed by an established political oligarchy of two major parties which will destroy anyone even attempting to upset the status quo. Are we really that ignorant? Constitution? Are you serious?

And what do we do? We go to the Republican Party one more time, hoping against hope, that they will do what they promised during the electoral campaign – and they lie down like dogs at the master’s feet – their establishment masters who buy their loyalty. In effect, DaGOP has become our “Wishing Well”! We throw our money and our votes at a mirage – we’re delusional!

Can you see how this game is played yet? Do establishment candidates get reamed by the political media cabal and drawn and quartered? No – only those threatening the political oligarchy!

Because we’re so na├»ve and politically immature, we are being played like a fine Stradivarius – every election – and then we wonder why the culture and country are at the abyss, when we ourselves shoot our own warriors in the back.

Imagine how the fortunes of Moses or David might have been written if they had to pass through the political gauntlet run by their enemies before God selected them as His leaders. One was a murderer and the other an adulterer and murderer. And what about Saul of Tarsus? How many of us would second guess God selections? Don’t be too sure – the Pharisee in each of us ain’t dead yet!

Finally, dear Christian, there is one more political entity which might be dumber than us – it’s Conservatives – the biggest political failures of the last 100 years.
Everything I have written here about us applies to them. Can you imagine the disaster if we combined both – Christian Conservatives?
Unfortunately – we have!

If you have any doubts about my assertions, read my website at – and then link to read the almost 1000 articles, most  written by various authors that I have archived. Educate yourself!
It is time to end our children’s games – it’s time to grow up and get to work!