Friday, October 28, 2016

Of Course,Trump is a Real Conservative - By James Lewis

War has a way of clarifying where people stand. When the Hitler War came to Europe, the French government fled from Paris to Vichy and offered to  Hitler all the innocent French Jews he could murder. Vichy France surrendered with hardly a shot fired. The worst war in European history did nothing good, but it clarified Good and Evil. Almost every occupied country in Europe turned out to have its native Nazis. Denmark was a noble exception, but Sweden sold arms to both Hitler and the Allies. Norway had its Quisling. War clarifies, and generally the things it shows are shocking and discouraging.

Perhaps the most shocking fact today is the open betrayal of the Conn-e's -- the self-proclaimed conservative establishment has openly abandoned the nominee of the Republican party. Don't misunderstand this: The very conservatives who have been flying the flag of true most vigorously have betrayed the cause. This is the flight to Vichy, American style. It is the most abject and dishonorable surrender to the worst ideological enemy conservatives have ever faced: Both Obama and Hillary, the two most dangerous candidates for the Oval Office in two centuries of American history.

Trump is as conservative as any Republican candidate for President in the last half century -- who were always supported (sometimes with reservations) by the Conn-e's, the Conservative Establishiment. Bill Buckley and National Review supported Nixon and Ford with deep reservation as the best of the available options. Neither Nixon nor Ford were 100 percent pure conservatives. But they were far, far better than the alternatives, and Buckley's National Review chose the most practical realistic option.

Not so Buckley's and Irving Kristol's successors. Given a true conservative battler, who takes the fight to the enemy, Donald Trump, they have fled to the foxholes. I know I will never trust them again; I certainly will not buy their magazines or pay for their advertisers. No. I'm waiting for a New Conservative Media to emerge (as it is already doing) and I will boycott the Old Conn-e's who failed to fight when their support was crucial.

I don't doubt that they will be blamed either way -- if Trump wins or Hillary does. Since Hillary is an unconvicted felon in the eyes of conservatives all over the country, and has highly suspicious money flows from the Jihad forces in the world (which we now know were accepted for her by Huma Abedin) this is an historic moment for choosing. No Hillary voter can be a patriot when the fate of the country is at stake. I don't care what flavor of conservative Trump turns out to be: He is an unapologetic patriot, and that is what matters in this fight. Other conservatives I trust, notably Giuliani and Gingrich have taken sides. This is no time for those who shy away from battle.

In the words of Thomas Paine in 1776:

"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

Well, Jonah and Bill and George, you are the summer soldiers and the sunshine patriots today. You shrink from the service of your country. Well, so be it. You can be sure that your purified conservatism that shrank from the battle when it came will never again enjoy the credibility it once deserved. To patriotic conservatives you have failed, and failed forever.

Goodbye in your future endeavors, but this black make of cowardice at a crucial   moment in American history will forever stand against you. And that goes for Paul Ryan and all the other sell-outs as well. This is the most dangerous moment in American history since the Stalin-era Communists sold the Manhattan Project plans to Stalin. It is even worse, because the West is constantly infiltrated by Jihad forces on top of the usual Leftist treason. 

Well, you have chosen your path. 

Millions of US conservatives fervently hope that you lose, along with the Obamas and Hillary.