Sunday, October 9, 2016

A message to Conservatives and Christians - by Crush Limbraw

Here is a fact of American life and culture - over the last 100+ years, American Conservatives and Christians have lost every institution to the Leftist Progressives - every single one! Think education and then start adding.
Yet, to this day - do we take responsibility? Hell no - we blame everyone but the main culprits - ourselves. We're the first to declare our self-righteousness by virtue signaling and casting our own warriors to the wolves of our media, We strain at gnats -and swallow camels by caravan loads. If there were ever unprofitable servants - we surely have earned our just rewards.
No, we do NOT live in the Roman Empire - Christians came into the empire and turned it upside down.
Our own predecessors here established a nation with a Christian culture - and we gradually relinquished its governance to a bunch of developmentally arrested know nothings, while we decided to pursue the ancient practice of pietism - and now we complain about religious persecution, while fighting losing skirmishes in courts and school districts.
When the house becomes infested by termites, don't blame the dang bugs!
Who's the owner? We are!

And if we do not wake up, grab our mission by the throat and get about our business - we too will be cast out and ground underfoot like salt which has lost its flavor - and that is a promise!