Saturday, October 22, 2016

Five Things We Must Do to Preserve Our Nation - By Crystal Foreman Brown

Below, you will see two charts that I downloaded.  I am led to conclude that we have serious problems with both parties.  Our legislators know the inevitable trajectory of rampant spending, and choose to continue to demand more money and power.  As we endure their disingenuous rhetoric, they rob us of a stable future.  Please take a quick look at them.

The charts name the parties of the presidents in the time frame, but not the senators and congressmen who actually make the laws and pass the budgets.  These men and women have no term limits, and thereby no limit to the damage they can do.  There is also no limit to the benefits they can vote for themselves.  And they keep lobbyists in their tents, and when you throw the presidential ego into the mix, you redefine the word “party.”
My conclusions:

First, you should vote for Donald Trump.  Why?  Because he is not one of them, and you can easily see by their reactions to him that the senate and house are terrified that he will win and upset the game.  A reduction in corruption must start at the top in order to prevent true chaos.  This might prevent revolution from the bottom up – a much worse scenario.  Can Donald Trump do this?  We do not know, but he is the only one in this election cycle who even pretends to recognize the economic facts and promotes term limits.  He deserves credit, and votes, for that alone.

Second, perhaps rethink your politics, and determine if you wish to stay where you have always been.  What we, as voters, have been doing is not working anymore either.  Some see a “stasis” in a vote for Hillary.  You can look again at the charts and know that “things staying the same” is not an option.  Traditional Democrats, and Republicans have knee-jerk reactions to elections.  But both parties have been hijacked by their extremes.  I did not expect to support Trump, but now I do.
Democrats have become the party of the extreme left and are openly pushing for socialism, huge government, and a rewrite of the Constitution.  They pander to the poor and promise them money they don’t have. They openly rail against the rich, even when they are rich, or need money from the rich (i.e. Hillary Clinton) and they promote a caste system that includes governmentally sustained poverty and hopelessness for the disadvantaged.  They pay better than working wages to teenage girls if they get pregnant, and offer the young men involved a total pass on responsibility.  They now openly invite invasion of foreigners, promising to give them money and benefits, even as they know we cannot pay for it.
The Republicans have morphed into the party of protection for the ever-growing federal government and long careers in Washington DC.  Supposedly, they are all white, and racially prejudiced.  You notice they did not prevent Obamacare, thereby benefitting the pharmaceutical and insurance industries in a huge way.  They pretend to abhor Obama, but have given him nearly everything he wants in a fake game of not cooperating.  Obama simply dictates from his podium and they acquiesce.
Do you see how these two extremes are actually symbiotic?  The Dems keep importing cheap labor for votes, (this benefits big business), and the Reps keep exporting production, which decimates the pricey middle class.   Together they are a dream team of corruption.

Third, we must install term limits at all levels of government!  If we do not make a whole-hearted change soon, in the way we allow ourselves to be governed, the freedoms earned by our ancestors, that are globally desired and emulated, will be lost.  And if trends continue, we should know that socialism, in practice, has proven that mandated economic equality sets in motion a “devolution” as people inevitably follow the path of least resistance when there is no reward for effort.

Fourth, we must as individuals summon our courage.  Nothing I am proposing will go smoothly and without sacrifice.  There are tens of trillions of dollars at stake (and we are still printing money 24/7).  Those in power will not give that up easily.  I do not propose that the newly elected could fix us immediately.  I simply propose that those elected, in their time allotted, should go back to the drawing board, and come up with a plan to stabilize and reverse the trend, and to honor the pledge to uphold the US Constitution.  And when they term out, the next set can follow suit.

The fifth, and hardest thing of all is personal: drop all prejudices that you know are just that.  I do not suggest you would forget your opinions and experiences, I am saying the Golden Rule is the only functional principle to live by.  We simply must treat our fellow citizens as we would treat ourselves.  We will need to move “racial equality” and “help for the poor” back into our own personal realm of responsibility.  If we allow the government to rule charity and kindness, religion, parenting, education and social engineering, we abdicate our own obligations - and we continue to pay people to be and to stay poor.  We have officially proven that strategy does not work and we have victimized whole generations in the process.
It is with great respect and grief for the 2,996 lost on 9/11, and those lost since to terrorism, that I offer this:  These losses should not be an incentive to forfeit our Constitution, our freedoms, our individual liberties, and the control of our own nation and political parties.  I believe we must let politicians know, with this election, that we are done with business as usual in Washington DC.  No more Big Brother (Homeland Defense, NSA and crooked IRS).  We are not terrorized!