Monday, October 24, 2016

INFOSEXTANT: the Infogalactic extension

INFOSEXTANT: the Infogalactic extension
Thanks to Blake Roussel, you can now make sure that you're always using Infogalactic instead of Wikipedia, no matter what links Google feeds you.

INFOSEXTANT is the browser extension to automatically change Wikipedia links to Infogalactic.


Chrome (updated version):

Opera version coming soon. Brave integration coming soon.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting Infogalactic, through editing it, through using it, through subscriptions and donations, and, of course, through technological development both internal and external. This isn't merely happening, this is happening in a big way. Very soon we will announce tri-level editing, which is how we will reduce the potential for edit-warring while we develop the DONTPANIC engine required for the Phase Three preference filters.

Also, we are planning to hold an Alt-Tech event in Barcelona next summer featuring. In addition to featuring the individuals you would expect to be at such an event, I'm informed there will be that rarest of Pepes, a Vox Day book signing, which will only be the third in history.

If you're seriously interested in attending, send me an email with BARCA in the subject and I'll put you on the email list for the early bird offer.