Sunday, October 16, 2016

US Lights Fuse in Syria to World War III Countdown - By Joachim Hagopian

At this 11th hour 59th minute while we’re still alive, we must do everything in our collective power as peace-loving citizens of the world to stop the madness bent on destroying life on planet earth. An unbroken stream of treasonous Washington neocons from the seamless Bush-Clinton-Obama ad nauseam regime is recklessly pushing humanity off the doomsday cliff. The DC despots have already lit the now burning fuse countdown to World War III against the Russian-Chinese-Iranian Eastern alliance. If we passively wait any longer, millions will soon be dying and our planet may lay in apocalyptic ruin.

The US government teamed in criminal tandem with the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC and all the rest of the MSM propaganda whores are belligerently paving the way to global war in Syria against both Assad and Putin. With echo-chamber demands growing louder daily calling for taking out both Russian and Syrian soldiers including both nations’ leaders, the neocons are throwing us all under the bus in a demented suicidal-homicidal bloodlust as an expedient, culling of the herd shortcut. It’s time for those who embrace life to oppose these Washington psychopaths and hold them accountable as traitors and the next Hague war criminals on trial.

The latest warmongering neocon troll with his recent Washington Post op-ed is Carl Gershman, president since 1983 of the US tax-funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Recently he undemocratically declared that the United States should overthrow the Putin government. This over-the-top, brazen instigator is demanding the US engage in criminal misconduct expanding Empire’s longtime regime change policy beyond MENA borders to include Russia as well. If roles were reversed, how long before Washington orders a preemptive nuclear strike on Moscow if some warmongering think tank Russian zealous insider insisted that the United States government be overthrown? Only the bodacious hubris of US exceptionalism could come up with such insane double standards. Yet this sort of rhetoric is the preposterously desperate extremism currently making MSM rounds as gov.corps launches its full-on lead-up to World War III.

The US-led Western crusade to demonize Putin and Assad for their shelling jihadist-controlled Aleppo in recent weeks that has resulted in scores of civilians being killed is the main thrust for charges of war crimes against Russia and Syria being bandied about in the halls of Washington and its UN vassal along with mass media headlines. Journalist Finian Cunningham likens the crescendo of foul play charges bordering on hysteria from Western nations as eerily reminiscent of a pattern observed in former Yugoslavia and Libya prior to NATO interventions that only led to increased carnage and far worse humanitarian crises. The West’s war rhetoric is so diabolically twisted from the true reality that as the most effective terrorist fighters on the planet, Putin and Assad are now being called war criminals compared to Hitler and Mussolini in their defiance of the UN instead of the pre-WWII League of Nations.

Yet in this case the West’s humanitarian concerns are ever-so selective as the number of civilian casualties who’ve been dying daily for 19 straight months in Yemen totaling over 4,000 draws zero criticism from MSM press, only excuses. And this week the United States directly joined in on the Yemen bloodbath, firing cruise missiles from offshore US naval destroyers. The US Navy justifies this stepped up aggression in Yemen claiming that it’s targeting Houthi rebels’ radar facilities that allegedly launched missiles at one of the destroyers. But this is the typical excuse Empire uses for increasing hostilities in multiple wars around the world.

The duplicitous hypocrisy never ends. The oft-cited “humanitarian agenda” as a flimsy US pretext for propagandized media condemnation and subsequent military intervention are old Empire standbys. Yet the US and Israel relish in joining their other Middle Eastern axis-of-evil partner-in-crime Saudi Arabia in airstrikes indiscriminately slaughtering thousands of forgotten Yemenis, frequently women and children, as if their innocent lives are of less worth than those in Aleppo. To the fake humanitarians of the West, their lives mean about as little as the potential millions of us set to die in their next world war.

The US Empire never met a war it didn’t like due to significant loss of civilians. Instead it’s merely accepted as war collateral damage in the up to 30 million humans the US has killed since its last world war, 90% of which are estimated to be civilians.  That means up to 27 million innocent lives in the 37 nations Empire has viciously attacked have perished due to the most warring nation that’s ever inhabited this earth (at war 93% of the time). Even more alarming is during the past 100 years, wars have been spearheaded by the American Empire to the extent that its unipolar power in the last quarter century has coerced and dragged 185 out of the total of 195 nations on this polarized (“you’re either with us or against us”) planet into current military conflict. Never in human history have more nations been at war and preparing for an even larger scaled global war than right at this very moment. Every person on this planet can thank America for the currently dangerous mess we’re in, now teetering on the edge of a catastrophic World War III.

These bottom line facts prove that the US government has a track record of showing little to no genuine concern for human lives, neither the psychopathic ruling elite nor the US-EU policymakers, least of all the Pentagon-NATO generals or the pathologically greedy war profiteers like the central banksters and their military industrial complex giants like Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman and General Electric. To these heartless parasites thriving off the spilled blood of human carnage, war is simply a convenient means to a highly profitable end. Infamous globalist guru Zbigniew Brezhenski made it matter-of-factly clear when he asserted:
Today it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.

The context behind Brezhenski’s candid psychopathy is his awareness of a global awakening occurring now when the masses finally realize how they’ve been screwed over big time by the 1% elite. And you can be certain that that coldblooded mindset is behind every orchestrated war, especially the big one that’s about to explode any day, week or month in Syria, spreading quickly to the dozen other West versus East hotspots around the globe.

The globalists have recently given the Pentagon top brass the green light to releasing thinly veiled, saber rattling, overt threats against Russia and China explaining how the US military will soon be making mincemeat of them. It all began with the deliberate September 17th the US-led coalition airstrike killing 62 Syrian Arab Army soldiers and injuring over 100 more. Insubordination was displayed for weeks in advance by Defense Secretary Carter and all his wayward generals publicly defying their commander-in-chief and Kerry’s supposed peace proposal announcing repeatedly that in no way would they cooperate with the Russian military in Syria. That was a dead giveaway of things to come. The hour long coalition air attack near Deir ez-Zor last month was definitely no accident as the US liars feebly claimed, but pure premeditated aggression designed to destroy any prospect of peace in Syria.

It instantly sabotaged and shattered the diplomatic ceasefire reached on September 9th between US Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, signaling full speed ahead with WWIII against Putin. Then on September 22nd came current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford’s telling proclamation before an Armed Services Senate hearing, stating that establishing a long-plotted US objective of a “no-fly zone” over Syria would constitute all-out war against Russia. A couple weeks ago ex-admiral and current State Department propagandist John Kirby threatened Russia with “more body bags” and “attacks on Russian cities.” Additionally John Kerry issued the ultimatum demanding Russia and Syria cease bombing Aleppo or all diplomatic relations over Syria will be suspended. Russian Foreign Minister spokeswoman Maria Zakharova countered with the stern warning that should US military aggression towards Syrian forces continue, that it:

… Will lead to terrible, tectonic consequences not only on the territory of this country but also in the region on the whole.

Earlier this month yet more US airstrikes bombed a strategic Deir ez-Zor bridge to stop an advancing Syrian army and protect the terrorists. The US military insinuated that it may target more Syrian Arab Army soldiers in airstrikes, promptly met by the Russian military spokesman’s statement that Russia will not hesitate to shoot down American or any unidentified planes over Syria if they fire upon Assad forces.

Then playing tit for tat, last week Army Chief General Mark Milley’s bellicose boast that the second to none US fighting machine is ready to take on and defeat any other nations’ military forces any time anywhere:

We will stop you and we will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before. Make no mistake about that.

That “I dare you!” war cry was carefully scripted and choreographed at the annual Association of the Army meeting in Washington last week with yet more generals spouting off how this next war [with Russia et al] will be far different from all previous US wars. Major General William Hix, a deputy to chief of Army operations stated:

A conventional conflict in the near future will be extremely lethal and fast. And we will not own the stopwatch.

The meeting hyped use of Artificial Intelligence and precision smart weaponry aiding soldiers on the battlefield with an instantaneously responsive decision-making capacity as ground conditions change.

Warmongering British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned that Russia is moving towards becoming “a pariah state.” UK parliament is contemplating sending troops to the Syrian warfront as yet one more illegal invader. The British and French are preparing to escalate their involvement, joining the US and Turkey calling for a no-fly zone (synonymous with all-out war) which invites a direct military confrontation with Russia that has deployed its anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems. Putin vowed to shoot down any illegal aircraft flying over Syrian airspace. Recall after Turkey shot down the Russian jet last November Putin began sending his sophisticated S-400 and S-300 air defense systems to Syria.

Another development this week is the West is now clamoring for a total ban on Russian media like RT network, the world’s largest television news network viewed daily by more than 35 million people worldwide. One by one dwindling sources of truth are being systematically censored into elimination where only deep state propaganda will soon remain available, a hallmark of every totalitarian regime.

On top of all those provocative words, the US Air Force last week decided to flex its muscle, dropping a couple fake nukes over the Nevada desert just to ensure that not only the American public knows but especially the targeted enemy and entire world as yet another show of mighty Empire military strength.

Those of us even half-awake have long known that the US war on terror against terrorists is pure fakery. Obama never had any intention of “hunting down” ISIS that he and Hillary in fact created. It was all a facade used to destabilize the Middle East, North Africa and beyond, ensuring that Iraq and Syria and at least a half dozen other nations including an encircled Russia and China become future victims of regime change and “balkanization” named after the US-NATO chopped up Yugoslavia back in the 1990’s as an example of what happens to nations that fail to submit to US rape and plunder.

When a year ago Putin had seen enough of Obama’s two-faced skullduggery and decisively came to Assad’s requested aid and began pulverizing the terrorists in Syria once and for all, suddenly the over-exposed Empire lined up on the wrong side of history was caught wearing no clothes, reeling in disbelief and seething in revenge.

It was similar to the egg on Obama’s face after his terrorists behind the false flag Ghouta chemical attack and Obama’s self-righteous “redline” had him frothing at the mouth calling for airstrikes over Syria that may well have ignited WWIII back in September 2013. But the entire world rose up against him and grandmaster Putin brokered the last minute deal for Assad to turn in his chemical weapons. But unfortunately, the US backed terrorists were never forced to get rid of their stash which they’ve repeatedly been using with impunity (and US support) ever since, the latest incident two months ago.

The billions of dollars that the Saudis, fellow Gulf State monarchies, Turkey, Israel and US-NATO cabal invested in their strategic MENA plan to secure an ISIS caliphate that was spreading so rapidly during Obama’s fake war against ISIS, all came to a screeching halt a year ago when Putin entered the war. Suddenly Empire’s primary regime change the weapon of mass destabilization throughout the Middle East and North Africa was in serious jeopardy. Their terrorist stronghold, their vision of a no-fly zone over Syria and establishing a permanent would-be terrorist safe haven was crumbling fast at the hands of superior Russian airpower in support of the Syrian Arab Army and their allies Iran and Syrian Kurds beating back the terrorists. By early 2016 it appeared as though the war might be over before the end of the year.

So the setbacks forced the US Empire to change its approach, cunningly engaging in months of diplomacy with Russia as subterfuge to bide extra time for replenishing its decimated terrorists and their supplies. That provided the diversionary cover for the illegal Turkish invasion in August to reestablish the terrorist supply line in northern Syria accompanied by deployment of US Special Forces at seven bases. Meanwhile Israel simultaneously began its own airstrikes on Syrian soil to kill Assad forces defending the southern Golan Heights border. The Empire and its terrorist-supporting allies were not about to concede defeat to Putin and Assad, so they proceeded on a course of deceptive trickery in order to salvage their prized mercenary thugs in efforts to desperately continue their demonic “war on terror” indefinitely.

Once confirmed that the US was never serious about reaching a peaceful resolution to ending the violence in Syria, Putin and Assad with their allies decided to go it alone wiping out the remaining terrorists on their own. After Putin realized the US had double-crossed him, the Russian and Syrian airstrike doubled down their bombing and shelling of still terrorist occupied eastern Aleppo with a vengeance. All the foul play accusations against Putin and Assad on hollow moral grounds by both American and European politicians are totally phony. They realize that unless their war is immediately escalated, their precious terrorist allies will soon be defeated and what would they do without a war on terror to continue manipulating and controlling their Western populations through fear of more state sponsored terrorist attacks and more endless bogus wars on terror. The excuse to keep implementing draconian laws that further strip away what’s left of individual civil rights for citizens in the West would no longer exist and ultimately the globalists’ one world government could meet massive mobilized resistance. Hence, they drum up their 24/7 propaganda war machine to the rescue, designed to unleash World War III timed with embedding their murderous puppetHillary into power to finish the NWO job to destroy America that Obama got a head start on.

Hence comes all those false accusations and bogus lies constantly slung at Putin for allegedly hacking into DNC communications and attempting to interfere and control the US election without a shred of evidence ever backing up their empty words. Edward Snowden stated that the NSA would know if Putin did. Like stale clockwork now, Hillary’s reaction to every WikiLeaks unveiling of yet more Clinton criminality is simply to keep dodging the bullets by repointing her blood-soaked finger back at Russia as her standardized cold war 2 march-to-war blitzkrieg. It worked for decades after WWII and it’s now again being frantically rolled out as convenient cannon fodder to get her elected and start WWIII.

The big difference between the first cold war and this current one is that last century Russia and the US respected their balance of power serving as a mutual deterrent, and it kept them from blowing each other to smithereens. The trouble is now the US megalomaniacal neocons in control have no qualms about launching preemptive nuclear first strikes against the nuke powered Eastern nations. After all, only the world’s sole superpower can expect to continue getting away with mass murder and constant ousting of foreign leaders at its own imperialistic will colloquially masquerading as American exceptionalism. And that exceptionalism extends underground to their luxurious subterranean bunkers, cities, deep underground military bases (DUMB’s) and transcontinental transport system they believe will be their salvation while topside a radioactive hell on earth freezes us over for the rest of us 99%-ers.

Rather than accept all of Hillary’s anti-Putin lies in the face of her already humongous sized baggage of scandals, cover-ups and untimely mysterious deaths surrounding the Clinton history, a far more plausible explanation for the embarrassing DNC/Clinton bad publicity is readily found in Bill and Hillary’s nonstop criminal past as a matter of public record. Rather than Putin exposing her bad news, the more probable truth is that Bill and Hillary simply had the DNC insider who leaked the emails to WikiLeaks whacked while walking home late one night from his girlfriend’s house last June.

Inside traitors entrenched in Washington have been getting away with murder and mayhem for a long time, JFK’s being a crucial turning point that opened the floodgate, starting with the systematic decade-long elimination of anywhere from 3.4 to over 3.8 million Southeastern Asians during America’s Vietnam War, and in more recent decades another 4 million Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa, not to mention assassinating 3,000 Americans on 9/11 in order to jump start their PNAC concocted “new Pearl Harbor” launch of their preplanned “endless war on terror.” On behalf of the “Greater Israel” plan and Saudi Arabian Wahhabism, the US Empire has created terrorism from scratch. US citizens must finally realize that our treasonous US leaders have been in bed with the terrorists from the get-go, with CIA handlers creating both al-Qaeda and ISIS and regularly deploying them in every major terrorist event since 9/11 as Washington’s bloodthirsty mercenary proxy war allies for nearly four consecutive decades now. More WikiLeaks emails released earlier this week from 2014 show that Hillary was fully aware that US allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar are both providing financial and logistical support for ISIS terrorists. Of course, that never stopped her from taking their money (20% of her campaign allegedly funded by House of Saud) and constitutes more evidence that she is a bona fide US traitor.

The evidence of the neocons’ genocidal betrayal is overwhelming, perpetrating endless war crimes against humanity by a longtime US foreign policy objective to destabilize the planet illegally defying and violating all international laws while systematically destroying nation after nation. Should any smaller countries insist on independently doing right by their own people and refuse to succumb to Empire’s bullying threats and demands, they’re either economically sanctioned to death, invaded militarily by proxy terrorists or GI boots on the ground occupiers in addition to their leaders being assassinated or deposed of. America’s crime days of unipolar global hegemony and full frontal dominance are over. But the neocons still don’t know it yet. But once the repressed wrath and rage of a longtime exploited, thoroughly oppressed, abusively maligned world just waiting for revenge is unleashed upon them, they’ll be forced to learn the karmic lesson of what goes around, comes around.

Since a military showdown against Russia would obliterate Europe as the major West versus East battlefront, that emasculated continent needs to grow some much needed last minute balls for its own salvation and finally break away from the ruthless rogue terrorist known as American Empire and join forces with Russia, China and Iran. This decisive maneuver would singlehandedly become the necessary game changer that would ultimately checkmate the out-of-control Empire and possibly avoid the preeminent nuclear holocaust altogether.
We must recognize the ultimate war is against the psychopathic ruling elite, that .01% of the wealthiest families on earth that have owned and controlled this planet for centuries. Their New World Order agenda consisting of an engineered global war timed with mass migration crises and economic collapse of their debt-based theft system leading to human genocide and one world government tyranny is the real enemy of all people and all life on this earth. Time to ramp up a global truth and reconciliation commission for the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, Clintons and Obamas of the world – a la the great Nelson Mandela template.

Every one of the international crime cabal wars has been preplanned and built on lies and propaganda. Before nuclear war causes extinction of virtually every life form on this planet, it’s time to stop listening to Washington and corporate media’s diabolical lies attempting to whip up a dumbed down, complacently clueless American public into yet more jingoistic wartime frenzy. Instead we must lock the traitors up as suspected guilty war criminals awaiting trial in international court. They’ve demonically had their long run misusing their reign of terror power to gain absolute control over the global masses through totalitarian oppression. 

It’s now or never time for us to fight back, for truth, for justice, for peace and indeed survival of both our planet and human species. We citizens of America must take the vow to no longer tolerate the US government’s wanton violence responsible for so much senseless murder, misery and suffering around the globe in our name. And we citizens of this world who truly value peace and cooperation between nations and respect the sovereign right of every nation to exist free from external interference and control from powerful hegemons like US Empire must rise up in unity to act now to stop this deadly madness from soon killing us all.

Joachim Hagopian [send him mail] is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at