Friday, October 14, 2016

Comment by Crush Limbraw on article by Lloyd Marcus - Make America Great Again is a Movement

Lloyd, your excellent article referred to the 1960’s as a defining decade where much of today’ troubles got their formative boost. It also struck a nerve with me. Why?
I copied this from my website: “The destruction of the ‘American Way’ accelerated under my watch – and yours, if you’re anywhere my age – so let’s fess up – we were part of the problem. How so? We let a bunch of ‘developmentally arrested’ adolescent know nothings take over the entire culture and country – every institution you can name is run by so-called liberals (fascists is a better word). It took them over 100 years, but let’s face it – they are in charge and they are not bashful about telling us that they are.”
As you well know, WeDaPeople are notorious for our disinterest and inattention of politics – until the political flames start to burn our backsides.
When our house becomes infested by termites, do we blame the dang bugs? Where were the owners?
Well, WeDaPeople are the owners of this country and we have been behaving like we’re hired hands, oblivious to the daily encroachment of the total destruction of the American Way - until now – but better late than never!
The question now becomes – what happens after the election?
If Trump wins, as I expect, all hell will break loose. The Soros funded thug gangs will be turned loose to loot and plunder. The corporate media will be on a full court press to blame everything on Trump and/or the Trumpsters.
If Wall Street finally collapses, which I expect, the blame will broadcast 24/7 to convince WeDaPeople that we have made a major mistake in electing Trump.
As I wrote a year ago, partly in jest – when the members of congress finally realize that Trump was elected president, both parties will immediately begin impeachment proceedings for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’. What are they? For telling WeDaPeople the truth!
Truth is not part of their game plan!
As you well know, the TEA Party movement has largely been co-opted by the Republican Party. They took out money, our energy and our votes – and delivered for our opposition – all the while embarrassed by our association and contemptuous of our political wishes.
If Trump loses the election – there will be a full scale effort by all the forces at their command – the corporate media, both political parties and every institution in this country – to destroy every vestige of this WeDaPeople movement – until it is ultimately reduced to an insignificant remnant to be ridiculed and laughed at.
The point I am trying to make is – unless WeDaPeople take this movement seriously and not just during this election cycle – this all will be in vain. There has to be fundamental change in our behavior as WeDaPeople!
Donald Trump alone will achieve little, if WeDaPeople go back to sleep.
Unless WeDaPeople own up to our responsibilities, admit our past indifference, grab our mission by the throat and get about our business of restoring this nation – we will be ‘the salt that lost its flavor and thus be thrown out and ground under foot’ – and that is a promise!
How? Glad you asked – here is one man’s plan –
– read at length and then link to the extensive archive of articles by various
authors. I didn’t say you will like what you read!