Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Note to Mentors - Are we on the verge or in the middle of a national restructuring? - CL

That is the question that John Kunstler asks and I noticed the common factor in today's posts - while change is a constant throughout history, progress is incremental and not necessarily guaranteed.
Supreme Court appointments or political purges can have unforeseen consequences - as do super-heated economies with new technologies and Federal Reserve fiat $$$$$.
A further item of interest to mentors on how to use this archive (library) most effectively - I read an article on immigration this morning which found that "Immigration Produces Long Term Economic Harm". So I naturally did a quick word search in my archive - 'immigration cost' - and posted my comment on Disqus - "I have several articles that I have collected over the last few years which more than prove mass immigration a disaster - - financially, culturally and existentially!"
Remember, our purpose as mentors is to learn ourselves and teach others the facts of life.
Keep it going!