Monday, September 10, 2018

Vox Popoli: Darkstream: Identity Politics - cause or consequence?

(46 min video)
From the transcript of the Darkstream:

If you have the idea that America is an ideal, that America is for everyone, you're wrong, you're flat-out wrong. You are subscribing to 19th-century propaganda and it's 19th-century immigrant propaganda. As a general rule, immigrants have a very difficult time addressing the truth. They don't like to believe they don't belong, they don't like to believe that they are guests, they like to believe that they're the same as everyone else and they have the same rights as everyone else, but the fact of the matter is that democracy is totally incompatible with mass migration, with mass immigration, and even with successful large-scale integration. And so the reality is that the more immigration you have, the less democracy is possible and the more vicious the struggles for power are going to be.

There is no way, no way whatsoever, for the United States system to survive what has been, in historical terms, the largest invasion in human history. Every single invasion you've read about, every single mass migration in human history that you've read about, is smaller than the mass immigration into the United States after 1965, and so there is no possible way for the United States to survive in its current format. If you believe that America was a good place, if you believe that the America was a great place, then you need to understand that it has already been destroyed.

Yeah, the fact that it still looks like it's in place, the fact that it looks like it still functions, doesn't mean that it actually does. Remember, everyone believed that the Soviet Union was as powerful as it had ever been at the very moment that it collapsed. None of the experts saw it coming.
Do you think the experts see the collapse of the United States coming?

Q: Is America the greatest system ever?

A: No, I don't think so. I think that it had some excellent points going for it but I think the main reason that the United States was so successful for so long is mostly because of its geographic isolation and the large amount of space it had to allow the sort of large-scale immigration that people mistakenly concluded was viable.

In a comment to a previous post, Hammerli280 notes: I read Cuckservative. Underneath an easy read there's a serious study of how immigration affected American politics.
Which brings up an interesting thought: The Democrats, since the Civil War, have been the party of The Newcomers. They were the party of Wave 4b (Irish) and Wave 5 (Italian/Polish/Eastern European Jews) immigration during the 20th Century. They are now trading those groups in on Wave 6 (Mexican/Central American) immigrants. The Democrats haven't been an American party since before the Civil War.