Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Note to Mentors - Remembering 9/11 - Who dun'it? And what about those NeoCons - are they at it agin'? - CL

Are we able to accept and stand DaTruth? Today's posts - if true - will certainly test our sensibilities and mental faculties.
First, a disclaimer - I am a 'recovering' NeoCon - yes, in those days of the 9/11 aftermath, I wanted blood - get those 'bastahds'! Yup, Afghanistan, Iraq - you name it - send in our troops, etc. etc......
Well, where are we now? Especially after the revelations that keep coming one after another about our military excursions and presence literally in almost every country in the world........I am asking WTF is going on? Who's in charge here? It certainly ain't us, folks!
So, if you read today's posts on 9/11 and what might have actually happened and who dun'it - ask some questions.
Who stands to benefit? 
What is the evidence? 
Who is lying now and has a history of lies?
Has our government and culture become more or less tyrannical?
I am sure you can come up with more and better questions - so what do we do now, eh? And remember - prove all things!
Mentoring never was easy!