Monday, September 17, 2018

Vox Popoli: The new "Dems are the Real Racists" (It's toothless rhetoric!)

It's mildly annoying to see conservatives, libertarians, and cuckservatives gleefully pointing out the examples of left-wing anti-semitism that increasingly occur these days. First of all, it's hardly news that the global Left is historically less than entirely keen on Jews; National Socialists and the Palestinian Liberation Organization were not exactly of the ideological Right that reveres God, King, and Country.

Second, you may recall that Workers Parties tend to oppose bankers. Which identity tends to stereotypically fall into which group?

And third, what is the point of trying to shame the Left? Yes, they're hypocrites. So what? We know that. They know that. "Dems are the Real Anti-Sems" is not going to be any more effective than "Dems are the Real Racists" did.

As rhetoric goes, it's toothless. Perhaps these right-wing virtue signalers should simply contemplate the radical idea of not reacting to charges of racism, anti-semitism, ethnonationalism, theocracy, and white supremacy like vampires to crucifixes carved from garlic.