Saturday, September 1, 2018

Note to Mentors - What if almost everything we know........ain't so? - CL

Today's posts are almost mind boggling.
By now we have all learned about the Catholic church sex abuse scandal. Did we know the extent of it before the revelations from Pennsylvania? Today's report by Paul Rahe blows it wide open.
What has not been widely reported (I wonder why?) is the extent of sex abuse in our public schools - another reason to homeschool.
When did American churches lose their cultural bearings? Read what Rev. Professor J. Gresham Machen said in A Sermon Preached in the Chapel of Princeton Theological Seminary, on Sunday morning, March 10, 1929. When did you last hear that preached?
And last, but not least - do you know who Google is and how were they founded (or should I say funded?) - two extremely long reports which I am archiving here. We know nothing!
Why do we need to know that? The reporter makes a clear point - our votes don't mean much of anything in governing the country. So now what?
Never said mentoring was easy!