Monday, September 10, 2018

Vox Popoli: Mailvox: Diversity is ruination

Diversity not only means no flush toilets, it means living amidst the ruins of the glorious and unattainable past:

I ran across this article on New Statesman, titled "How architecture-themed Twitter accounts became a magnet for white nationalism".

Conservatives won't be able to conserve our architecture, either.

I've even seen an embrace of non-Western music - generally meaning aboriginal - by many classical orchestras, including the Minnesota Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.  MPR also slobbers all over itself over "El Sistema", the music education system of - wait for it - Venezuela.

And, of course, recognizing the superiority of Beethoven over some tribal log-pounding is icky and likely to cause bow-ties to become crooked.

All one has to do is read about the current state of the San Francisco streets to realize that Diversity is not merely post-Christian, it is post-civilized.

And you can read about San Fran here.