Monday, September 10, 2018

Vox Popoli: The right questions (On American survival)

Tucker Carlson is asking them on Twitter, even if he doesn't appear to grasp that mindless tribalism is both natural and inevitable, and division is not created by politicians, but is the inevitable consequence of immigration and demographic adulteration of the American nation.

The organized left is lying about a segment we did on Friday night. Our topic was "diversity is our strength," a phrase our leaders use to end conversation rather than spur it. You hear it all the time. We asked, what exactly does it mean? Is it true?

Here are the words from our segment: "How precisely is diversity our strength? Can you think of other institutions, such as marriage or military units, in which the less people have in common, the more cohesive they are?"

"Do you get along better with your neighbors and coworkers if you can't understand each other, or share no common values? And if diversity is our strength, why is it OK for the rest of us to surrender our freedom of speech to just a handful of tech monopolies?"

These are the questions our leaders out to be asking every day. How does a nation of 325 million people hang together? What do we all have in common as Americans? Why should we remain a country? Nothing is more important than answering this.

But our leaders aren't even asking these questions. Instead they're trying to silence anyone who raises them, while at the same time promoting mindless tribalism for political expedience. Division keeps them in power.

What's at stake isn't a cable news segment. It's the existence of rational conversation in America. If they can prevent you from asking honest questions, there's nothing they can't do. More on this tomorrow night.

If you want to save America, eliminate Diversity. Those who have been celebrating Diversity have been doing so with the express intent of destroying America. The challenge is that you're going to have to abandon your false faith in equality of any and every kind if you're going to even begin to try to salvage some remnant of America.