Monday, September 10, 2018

Vox Popoli: Jeremy defeats the Jews (UK politics)

At least we now know who the next Hitler will be. And what country the neocons will demand to see the US invade if the British Labour Party manages to unseat the Tories:

Jeremy Corbyn has been told to 'call off the dogs' and stop centre-left members being driven out of the Labour Party after two MPs lost votes of no confidence this week.

Former frontbencher Chuka Umunna used his speech in north London this morning to leap to defence of Joan Ryan and Gavin Shuker, along with other 'moderates' in the Parliamentary Labour Party, who are being targeted by hard-line socialists.

The Europhile MP highlighted what he sees as a 'clear and present danger' of other moderate left-wing voices being run out of the party - and warned Corbyn to stop using internal divisions as an excuse not to fight against Brexit.

On Thursday, Labour Friends of Israel chairwoman Joan Ryan, a former minister under Tony Blair, and Luton South MP Gavin Shuker, both lost votes of no confidence in their constituencies on Thursday.

And in July this year, Frank Field accused his local party of trying to 'misrepresent' his views after he lost a vote of no confidence against him after he voted with the government on a key piece of Brexit legislation. He resigned from the party earlier this week, after he claimed Labour had become a 'force for anti-Semitism' and allowed a 'culture of nastiness, bullying and intimidation' to develop.
Last week, the founder of the hard-left Momentum pressure group warned up to 30 Labour MPs could be deselected if their attitude towards Corbyn remained 'hostile'.

Translation: the Jews and their allies in the Labour Party tried to stage a coup to unseat its popular leader. Jeremy Corbyn calmly weathered the two-month storm despite the British media's best attempts to whip it up into a convincing facsimile of popular outrage, and is now methodically taking out the Jews and Jewish allies who tried to unseat him.

Corbyn is proving to be a surprisingly formidable politician and an astute tactician. I wondered at his seeming passivity in the face of the utterly ludicrous attacks being launched against him, but now I realize that it was coming from a place of patient self-assurance about his power within the party. When I look at the clueless Tory leaders, from the feckless, cowardly May to the buffoonish, undisciplined Johnson, I wonder who is going to be capable of defeating the man in light of their treachery over Brexit. Now, if there is a general election and Corbyn comes out strongly for Brexit, he will win.

Of course, the very last thing he should do is listen to a mouthpiece like Umunna urging him to stop winning, and I tend to doubt he will. What we're seeing in the UK is the Stalinists taking out the Trotskyites. The British Jews have been threatening to take their ball and go home to Israel, and it appears the British Labour Party is inclined to call their bluff.

What I'm most curious about is why the anti-Corbynites tried to stage the coup in the first place. It's pretty clear that it never had any serious prospects for success. So why now, and what was it that was driving their obvious sense of urgency?