Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Note to Mentors - Is DaSwamp about to be drained and what about that Tariff and Free Trade squabble? - CL

It's happening and the cockroaches are scattering - it looks like the Q drops are becoming true and the Mueller net might have caught some fish they didn't look for or want - so what to do, eh?
Vox Day's Darkstream video and transcript on tariffs triggered a search in my library with some interesting findings. Knowing that much of our manufacturing moved offshore in the last few decades, I word searched 'offshoring' - - from the many hits, I picked out two - - and - - it took just a little bit of reading, but they are excellent support points for the position that free trade devastated America's middle class. You can also search 'tariffs free trade' for more specific articles on that subject. That is how I learn - and you can as well!
Things are a happenin - that's for sure.
If you just stumbled in here - - for orientation.
Keep mentoring!