Monday, September 17, 2018

Note to Mentors - "Blacks, Jews and You" by Linh Dinh - (Will the White race and culture survive? - CL)

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in 1835, “Among the ancients, the slave belonged to the same race as his master, and often he was superior to him in education and enlightenment. Freedom alone separated them; freedom once granted, they easily intermingled. The ancients therefore had a very simple means of delivering themselves from slavery and its consequences; this means was emancipation, and when they employed it in a general manner, they succeeded.”

When slaves and masters are biologically identical, full equality between them is possible, post-slavery, but if they are physically distinct, what you’ll have is exactly what the United States must endure, for as long as it exists.

That is just the introduction from Linh Dinh's article, it is a compelling read!
Vox Day's comments are included in the previous post.

Another quote from Linh Dinh: Very few, though, dare to even whisper about Jewish power. What follows is a revelation.

One of the most difficult aspects of mentoring is facing unpleasant or 'unacceptable' truths - I call it wishful thinking - similar to expecting DaGOP or Conservatives actually doing something significant in governing - but they are good at whining about it. 

Earlier posts today confirm the total culture war against Western Civilization - mostly waged by those intent on destroying it with faint resistance coming from their targets.

One tidbit of good news - maybe - from Neon Revolt - justice may be served in time - let's hope so!

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The fight is just beginning!