Saturday, August 8, 2020

An Aspect of the Con - EPautos -by eric

 This person told me the following:

When a person goes to their doctor – or the hospital – for A (a condition or problem that has nothing to do with the WuFlu) they may leave with a very large bill for the services rendered. Unless those services are coded as B (WuFlu or WuFlu-related) and then they get a substantial financial break because the government compensates the providers of those services if they are “coded” as WuFlu services.

The doctor who so codes is trying to be helpful to his patient by helping them avoid a big bill for their ear infection or GI issue.

But he is also helping to pour gas on the WuFlu fire because the coding uplifts the cases! the cases! and this helps maintain the impression that there is an ongoing crisis – one sufficient to justify forcing every American to play Sickness Kabuki in order to be allowed to work or shop or do practically anything.

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