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Will a Viable Nuclear Plasma Energy Generation Technology Be Strangled in Its Crib? - By Yvonne Lorenzo (Text only)

What if everything you’ve been told about the nature of the sun, from elementary school, to universities, to Wikipedia, is wrong? What if true science, using technology based on a paradigm shift in understanding the nature of stars proves it? What if this technology has the capabilities to actually implement viable plasma reactors and if funded and developed, can produce clean energy without radioactive waste, and to the contrary, actually dispose of radioactive waste? In fact, there is ample evidence that the answers to these questions is in the affirmative. What started as a project to verify an alternative theory of stars and our sun has developed into a technology that has the potential to better the quality of life for all the people of the world by providing clean, pollution free energy. But there is also the possibility that the powers, much discussed on this website, will never allow it to happen.

First, as to the theory. As discussed in this article posted on The Secular Heretic:

The Electric Sun Experiment

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In 1972 an article in an obscure journal caught my eye. It was written by engineer Ralph Juergens from Flagstaff, Arizona. He wrote:

I can find no way to state this diplomatically, so let me be blunt: The modern astrophysical concept that ascribes the sun’s energy to thermonuclear reactions deep in the solar interior is contradicted by nearly every observable aspect of the sun.1

Ralph Juergens

By attending to all of the most obvious features seen on the Sun; the photospheric granules, spicules, sunspots, chromosphere and corona, Juergens produced a detailed engineer’s model of an electrically powered Sun that seemed to account logically and simply for all the phenomena. The fixed belief that stars are isolated bodies in space, demanding internal thermonuclear energy to power them for billions of years, has resulted in untold waste in astrophysics and nuclear energy research.

In 2012 experienced Canadian engineer Montgomery Childs proposed an experiment to be done independently to test Juergens’ electric sun model. He said he could “find no disparities” in the model, which is unusual. Looking at the night sky, the process had to be simple and well-controlled. Otherwise the sky would look like the fourth of July. So was born the SAFIRE (Stellar Atmospheric Function in Regulation Experiment) Project. As the name might suggest, it was designed to mimic the critical features of the Sun and its plasma environment in a continuous and easily controlled way. Meanwhile the thermonuclear Sun model remains theoretical and unpredictive. Attempts to produce fusion energy like the Sun on Earth have [gone] nowhere. The field of fusion energy is chronically unstable and unproductive.

In 2019 at the Electric Universe UK conference at Bath University, the SAFIRE experiment was declared a success. The SAFIRE team did a number of high-energy experiments, which met predictions such as transmutation of elements and extremely high energy levels, but also showed the potential for remediation of radioactive waste. The Sun’s energy is produced right before our eyes by electrical energy from the galaxy producing benign nuclear energy in the Sun’s atmosphere. Sunspots are dark simply because the body of the Sun is cooler beneath the photosphere! And as uncommon sense suggests, all bright stars continually produce heavy elements, albeit in their atmospheres! So the recent discovery by ESA’s Cluster mission of highly ionised iron atoms in the solar wind is not a surprise.2

The below video (around eleven minutes long) details the potential of the SAFIRE project and it is also on VIMEO on the Aureon homepage.

From the YouTube description:

THE SAFIRE PROJECT has become a commercial venture. Based on the discoveries of the last six years, the SAFIRE team is currently developing a nuclear-plasma reactor that will have the capacity to both generate electrical power and remediate radioactive waste.


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THE SAFIRE SUN is an 11-minute film designed to give potential collaborators a quick overview of the project. The $20+ million USD to be raised covers the entire five-year project: kick-off — $240K USD; Phase 1 — $5 mil USD; Phase 2 — $9 mil USD; and Phase 3 — $6 mil USD.

From the website of Aureon Energy, these graphics are available.

The explanation of the process from the link above on SAFIRE’s technology:

We introduce hydrogen into the chamber.

The anode is a metal alloy.

The power going in is electrical.

The reaction produces high-energy levels which translate to thermal heat.

The heat creates steam to run a turbine to generate electricity.

The Hydrogen can be captured and reused.

The output is electricity: the majority going to an external grid, and the rest routed back to the power input.

To date, after the reactions, all measurements and analyses show this to be a clean process, producing no negative radioactive side-effects.

In fact, note that nuclear radioactive materials are not required.

SAFIRE creates excess heat in a clean process which all tests and analyses to date reveal does not produce any radioactive emissions or waste.


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There is a major fly in the ointment. If you watch the above video, which summarized SAFIRE, at the 9:26 minute mark the narrator states:

“SAFIRE is an international team, which has been collaborating with individuals of Aureon energy, Lockheed MartinUS DODLos AlamosLawrence Livermore Laboratories…”

And this is why I think this most likely viable plasma energy generation technology will never see the light of day in the West. As we can observe with the COVID-19 agenda, the Western “elites” are intent on creating a depopulated planet and feudal society and have absolute contempt for the majority of the people living in their nations; they have no intention of helping humanity, only themselves. Articles such as these establish my contention as convincing:

I could go on, but I won’t. As to Lockheed-Martin, its engineering “competency” has been demonstrated with Washington’s magic stealth fighter, the F-35, as in depth information provided via show; certainly they could have funded the entire SAFIRE project if truly interested in minutes, whose proposed budget is probably less than what Lockheed spends on coffee and coffee makers. In addition, as articles on this and other “dissident” websites make clear, dependence on oil allows wars in the Middle East to ruin entire nations that Washington and Tel Aviv view as enemies, and allow permanent military bases to further enrich the elites.

The unanswered question is whether the Russians, who as Orlov notes here, have conventional nuclear energy capabilities more advanced than any nation, and with Putin’s statements indicating a desire to develop fusion, despite the problems facing the nation that The Saker documents, would consider this technology and bring it to fruition.

Matt Ehret wrote in the above article on Strategic-Culture regarding Putin’s vision for fusion:


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Attacking the anti-growth technocrats who are promoting a halt to progress and decrease of the world population, Putin said, “it comes down to appeals to give up progress which will make it possible at best to perpetuate the situation and create local well-being for a select few. At the same time, millions of people will have to settle for what they have today, or it would be more appropriate to say what they don’t have today: access to clean water, food, education and other basics of civilization.”

Separating himself from that cynical worldview, Putin stated “It is impossible and pointless to try to stop human progress. The question is; which base can this progress realistically be built upon to achieve the millennium development goals set by the United Nations?” Answering his own question, Putin laid out the important role of fusion power as the foundation for a harmonization between the realm of nature (the biosphere) and the realm of creative reason (the technosphere): “super-efficient scientific, engineering and manufacturing solutions will help us establish a balance between the biosphere and the technosphere… fusion energy which in fact is similar to how heat and light are produced in our star, the sun, is an example of such nature-like technologies.”

Putin went onto describe the driving role of the Kurchatov Institute which has already begun a project on a fission-fusion hybrid reactors which will be operational by 2020 and its role in driving advanced science which will be a creative force for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) program in France which is scheduled to go online with its first plasma by 2025.

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Although I am not a scientist or engineer, I think the SAFIRE project shows the most potential of these two methods. Are any Russian physicists aware of SAFIRE’S existence and the physics behind it? Or are they, as in their central bank, too indoctrinated in the Western paradigms including not just monetary theory but physics (nonstop black hole stories on the front page of, for example) to consider such a radical idea given what Putin proposed above? Sanctions notwithstanding, is Aureon now a slave to the establishment, the “military industrial complex” that has not funded the project at all, to my knowledge? Obviously, sanctions will apply and Russian investment and cooperation won’t be allowed by the military industrial complex “collaborators” Aureon named. Will these SAFIRE units just be built to power aircraft carriers, military bases, underground bunkers, laser weaponry, and the estates of the elites, if they are built at all? I don’t see this technology “trickling down” to the peons.

Sadly, in my opinion, this is yet another example of human innovation that most likely won’t see the light of day, although I give every credit to the “dreamers” who dared to challenge “scientistic” orthodoxy. But perhaps the Russians will surprise us if their sources on Western technological developments are modestly competent; the only problem is, in the new cold war Washington started against them, we won’t see any SAFIRE reactors to power American cities. I don’t think, Russia notwithstanding, we ever will.

I’d like to, with respect, offer the Electric Universe team, many of whom appear to be pagans, pantheists and atheists, the wisdom of this proverb: “If you dance with the devil, you’ll be pricked by his horns.”

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