Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Concerning Coronavirus: the State Always Seeks To Justify Its Evil, But the People’s Indifference Permits It - By Gary D. Barnett

“It is an act of evil to accept the state of evil as either inevitable or final.”

Abraham Joshua Heschel—The Prophets, 1962, Volume 1, p. 181

We are in the midst of evil at every turn, and the driving force behind it is apathy and false fear. In the past, (and currently) the state, allegedly in the name of good, committed acts of aggressive war against much of the world, all without cause. The ruling class always needs fear and distraction in order to gain wealth, power, and control, and so long as the people accept the state narrative and do nothing, the evil deeds of the state are allowed to happen. While the state may initiate this evil, without the consent of the masses, whether openly or by silence or non-action, it could never be sustained.

This year, a new war is being waged, and this time it is against all humanity. In the United States specifically, the war is against all Americans outside the top tier of so-called and claimed elites, much of the time referred to as the ‘one percent.’  This is the ruling class and their pawns in government, and they plot and direct the rules of engagement necessary to control the masses.

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Whether war, natural disaster, or any other conspiracy or coup, the state will always attempt to justify its tyranny. This is mandatory if the state is to gain and keep control over large numbers of people. The driving force behind these power plays is always fear, because if enough fear is present, logic and sanity disappear. When that happens, those that accept the fear as real are willing to give up their sovereignty in order to gain what they believe to be safety. It matters not whether they are at great risk of harm, so long as they believe that their masters are there to protect them. This is what I refer to as a structured phenomenon of ignorance. This is a time when critical thinking vanishes, and blind emotion takes over the minds of those that make up the ‘public.’ The herd is willing to acquiesce to authority, and to comply with orders handed down from above. The resulting state of mind is one of indifference; this because most all in society are trusting of the same people that created the threat in the first place. This is usually due to laziness or stupidity, or both. The entire situation is circular in nature, and results in a perpetual and self-inflicted disaster. It is simply the voluntary surrender by the people at large to the master class, servitude allowed by the passive, compliant, and non-thinking duped victims.

The Covid-19 Conspiracy

The claimed enemy of the people this time is not some group of terrorists, it is not some superpower or rogue third world country, and it is not any nuclear threat, it is something less deadly than the common cold or flu called ‘Covid-19.’ Only with a sinister and masterful plan based on the full and voluntary cooperation of the masses could such a hoax be not only attempted but also completed. The dilemma we face today is whether to rebel and stop this assault on our freedom, or continue to bow down and hide from the truth that is so evident to any with their eyes open to reality. Without mass resistance to the government mandates, without the removal of consent by the people, and without active denial of this fraud called Covid-19, can we as a people survive and retain any freedom?

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The ratcheting up of rhetoric and propaganda concerning the coronavirus monster is reaching a new pinnacle, but this is just the beginning as the anticipation of a new flu season brings with it the opportunity for the state to use false data to bring new and increased fear to an already pathetic, weak, and tired American public. Enforcement of unconscionable orders handed down by governors and ‘health’ departments is increasing incrementally in anticipation of the predicted second wave of this manufactured ‘virus.’ What the controllers know that most Americans do not is that the draconian measures that have been in place for months have now dramatically weakened the immune systems of most to a level that cannot protect its host from even minor sickness. What this means in real terms, is that this coming flu season will likely be much more deadly than normal, simply due to the weakened state of health in this country. This was planned in advance so that an enhanced flu season could be used to sell the lie that a pandemic of epoch proportion exists. All deaths will be blamed on this mystery virus that still has never been isolated or identified, and given that the entire population is less healthy and will be more susceptible to sickness this winter, expect pure pandemonium to result.

With the new and enhanced panic that is sure to be forthcoming, tightening the screws on freedom will not only continue, but stricter measures will lead to sanctions here at home, and a total loss of any freedom still existing. What we have experienced so far will pale in comparison to what is coming unless an awakening occurs, and active resistance by millions is the norm.

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For those willing to hide and obey, and believe the false narrative of the state, consider the consequences of your actions, or more accurately, your non-actions. Business closings will not only be as they were during recent lockdowns, but will be much worse, and for a longer period of time. That means that unemployment will rise far above where it is today, and today it is the worst in our history. People will not be working, many businesses will be permanently closed, and those that are ‘allowed’ to stay open will not be able to remain open long-term. Closings will actually be far worse than it has been so far, as more and more businesses go bankrupt. Restrictions on movement and activity will be further enhanced, and with these new and tougher restrictions will come more brutal enforcement. Expect much more civil unrest, mostly due to staged riots allowed by the governing system, such as have occurred with the criminal BLM and Antifa crowd, but disgruntled, poverty-stricken, and out-of-work citizens will also be more likely in this environment to cause havoc. Crime will increase nationwide, especially in the cities, but aggression will become much more universal in this next phase of this plandemic.

At this point, the digital reorganization of this country and the world’s monetary systems will begin to be implemented, and more obvious than in the past. The elimination of cash will be more evident as well, and the live introduction of immunity passports, tracking chips, implants, and mandatory-monitoring devices will become normalized. Much more isolation and mandated distancing from each other will be enforced, and mask police will be on constant patrol.

With all of this insanity, a killer vaccine will be dangled as the cure for all ills, and with it, a promise that mass acceptance of this poison will allow this country to regain some sort of normalcy. With or without a vaccine, there will be no return to what used to be considered normal. If this coup is allowed to reach this stage, normal will be gone forever, and a tracked, monitored, and controlled society will be all that remains.

“Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.”

Étienne de La Boétie — “Discourse on Voluntary Servitude,” 1576.

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