Sunday, August 23, 2020

If you are reading this, you might be a conspiracy theorist.............It is a theory based on evidence! – CL (Connecting dots)

Where to start? How about a dose of sanity - Vox Popoli: JUNIOR CLASSICS update – for home and private schoolers!


Evidence? There is so much evidence you can’t read it all – but you would never know it if your reliance is on DaFakeStreamMedia.


The Tyranny of Groupthink - By David Stockman – on Fedonomics and Corona Fraud


The Economic Insanity of This Coronavirus Pandemic Plot and the Coming Global Reset - By Gary D. Barnett - This reset will be mammoth in scope, as everything we have known will be restructured. Economies worldwide will fail due to the destruction of businesses and money. This was going to happen regardless of this pandemic, but the pandemic will be used as the excuse to go forward.


The side effects of the lockdowns keep getting harder to ignore.


Masks! - By L. Reichard White - They may not be healthy but are they good for us?


the only casino still open: the stock market.


BTW - Did you know? The CIA Versus the Kennedys - By Jacob G. Hornberger


When push comes to shove - Lockdowns, Coronavirus, and Banks: Following the Money, by Tony Hall - The Unz Review 


The title article - If you are reading this, you might be a conspiracy theorist – John Steppling - If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably been called a conspiracy theorist. Also you’ve been derided and shamed for questioning the “science” of the Covid debacle.

The idea of science is now a badly corrupted idea. In a nation, today, (the USA) which in educational terms ranks 25th globally in science skills and reading, and well below that in math; all one hears is a clarion call to science. In reading skills the US placed below Malta, Portugal, and right about the same as Kazakhstan.


DaBadNews and Good - The bad news is that Americans, forgetful of history, were not wise enough to keep out the philosophers. The current disorder that was the inevitable consequence of their wicked influence will be followed by ruin. The good news is that order and virtue will eventually rise up from the ruins.