Monday, October 25, 2021

200,000 Grannies, No Problem. A Few Puppies? - by Karl Denninger

If you want to know why God is sipping on a cold one and laughing at the evil in our nation and indeed the world you need nothing more.

Fauci slaughtered tens of thousands of AIDS sufferers by blocking Bactrim in HIV+ persons for years, arguing he needed "controlled trials" first to "prove" that it worked to prevent PCP.  We already knew it did, by the way, having learned that in the late 1970s with Leukemia patients -- it cut the mortality rate of people with Leukemia during chemo by a huge amount.  Fauci claimed that wasn't good enough.

30,000, roughly, Americans got shoved in the hole, dead from PCP, as a result.

This time around Fauci proclaimed that we had "insufficient evidence" to recommend that people use HCQ, Ivermectin, Budesonide and a whole host of other things at first indication of Covid-19.  The answer was "vaccines", which did not exist for 11 months, and were not rolled out in size for a full year.

In both cases pharmaceutical companies made billions; in the case of HIV it was AZT.  This time its intentionally falsely labeled drugs that are called "vaccines" yet are not along with a new drug from Merck that may be even more dangerous than the jabs.

Two hundred thousand Grannies and Grandpas, mostly, died during the last 18 months without even being able to say goodbye to their loved ones, having been denied drugs that might have worked and might not have -- but which were almost certainly better than being dead.  If they did nothing, so what?  Dead is dead, right?

Well, neither Ivermectin or Budesonide killed me.  I used both when I got Covid in August.  I do not know if Ivermectin appreciably impacted the course of the disease because I hit it early and hard and thus perhaps it did nothing (hard to prove otherwise, isn't it?) but the budesonide reversed symptom progression within 12 hours of initiation of use.  I cannot attribute that change to mere chance.  Is it proof?  No.  But do I believe it worked?  You bet.  And I'm still here; neither killed me, nor did either do any harm I can detect (nor did the virus itself) to my cardiopulmonary function from pre-infection baseline.

Will any of these drugs work for everyone?  Nope.  Does vaccination?  Nope.  St. Elizabeth's, as of 10/22, makes quite clear that people winding up in the hospital, ICU or with a tube down their throat on a vent happens all the time in fully-vaccinated people.  None of that is "rare" and, I remind you, this is a major hospital chain all over NE KY along with a couple of other states.

Do the jabs "reduce the risk"?  Probably.

Does that personal risk reduction exceed the risk of harm from the jab itself?  Likely in some people.  But not all, which makes any argument for a "mandate" yet more shoveling of people into the hole.

Do they "protect others" from infection or propagation of the virus?  No.

Do they work as well as using drugs at first hint of trouble?  Since these "breakthroughs" that land people in the hospital, ICU or on a vent are hardly RARE -- they're extraordinarily common despite the lies the media, CDC and other hospitals have told -- I maintain that I made the correct choice as I did not wind up in a hospital at all and now I have presumptive immunity that actually works unlike these "jabs" which, on the data certainly appear to NOT.

If I had originally gotten jabbed, and I remind you nobody said anything about boosters at the time, once or ever again, and we were told they prevented infection which was a lie, why would I believe anyone when they tell me to go get one now?  How many times does a doctor or other "health professional" get to lie to you about something that might kill you without any further advice on that subject or demand related to same being immediately met with an upturned middle finger?

Nonetheless even today I'm told "get vaccinated."

My answer to anyone saying that to me is simple: **** OFF.

I've had the virus, I have antibodies and I'm not scared of it.  I beat it, I am now presumptively safe against it and if, some years in the future I get it again, I know how to take it on.  Keep ****ing around with mandates, screaming, gavels and pens and you will find out where the line is that causes some number of people to decide that accountability is theirs to meet out and upon whom they do so is up to them, not you, some politician or "official."

Exactly where that line is for any particular person and what sort of destruction they will wield on said people, lawful or not, nobody with a brain will discuss with anyone, say much less "in public."  Indeed that such screaming individuals and "officials" have no way to know where that line is and the element of surprise that thus will exist when the justly-earned consequence comes from crossing said line is invaluable.

But now it is reported that Fauci's NIH funded an experiment where a small number of puppies were tortured, allegedly "for science."  That is horrible -- what sort of monster abuses dogs?

It was such a shock, I tell you, that it is the same monster who was responsible in large part for the slaughter of a quarter million American Grannies and Grandpas.

I no longer wonder why, when it took screwing puppies before people got outraged, God is sipping a beer letting these *******s shovel you into the hole instead of sending an extra asteroid or two toward DC.....