Thursday, October 28, 2021

DaJabber TRAIN - No Getting OFF!

The Third Jab - Vox Popoli

 It’s not the booster. The booster is in addition to the third shot of spike protein producer. How crazy does one have to be to continue to subject one’s body to this destructive nonsense?

State Surgeon General Says the Unsayable

If you were a pregnant mother and smiling doctors came to you with murder on their minds

You should not only read this but put this site - Jon Rappoport's Blogon your Covid reading list

Eugyppius on "Original Antigenic Sin" And Why We Should Never Vaccinate Kids Against The Ro. NEVER. as in Not Ever.

Hard facts pour in from country after country that Covid cases rise with vaccination and the stupid media reports that the cases are the result of permitting people freedom of movement

The British government has spilled the beans about that fact that once you get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), you will never again be able to acquire full natural immunity.

Top 8 ways Covid face masks are HARMFUL as analyzed by a physician and former medical journal editor

People of faith and the COVID vaccine « Jon Rappoport's Blog (How to sear your conscience - CL)

“Well, I mean, sure, maybe some of the research behind the COVID vaccine involved aborted fetuses, but that was a long time ago, and really, I can’t think about that, I need to take the vaccine to protect myself, and besides, abortion is legal…”

Dead Boys in Britain - Vox Popoli

Before it’s brought to a forcible end and the responsible parties are charged with crimes against humanity, the Vaxocaust will almost certainly have a higher body count than the Holocaust. Given the vaccination rates in Israel and New York, if it’s really bad, it might have a higher Jewish body count than the Holocaust.

Meanwhile, the FDA is beginning its gradual transition into CYA mode.

FDA Committee Members Reviewing Pfizer Vaccine For Children Have Worked For Pfizer, Have Big Pfizer Connections

No kidding!

Archbishop Vignano denounces the satanic global elite, its evil “vaccination” program, and the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy’s support for both:

They Are Monsters - Vox Popoli

 Don’t ever let the media convince you otherwise. It’s not a question of incompetence or stupidity, what we’re observing here is pure demonic evil that is full of malice and hates everything that is Good, Beautiful, or True.