Sunday, October 24, 2021

Lloyd Austin to Attack China If They Annex Taiwan (First Time in US History), by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has addressed the “small eye yella muffagguahs” and the threat they pose to “dem bitches out der.”

Speaking on China’s claims that the US is being very aggressive, Austin said, “the drama really means nothing to me.”

When a NATO member asked how the United States would respond if faced with a nuclear conflict, Austin said, “there’s no time to cock it, no way you can stop it, when niggas run up on you with them thangs out.”

By “thangs,” Austin was apparently referencing the US nuclear arsenal, which is alleged to be functional, even though the facilities are run by black people and Pakistani immigrants from Afghanistan.

Austin added: “I ain’t playing, hear what I’m saying? Homie, I ain’t playing.”

Responding to Austin’s remarks, Xi Jinping said, “we made a promise we swore we’d always remember: no retreat, baby, and no surrender.”

No, I’m joking.

But seriously, that’s basically what happened.


The US secretary of defense has reiterated a vow made by Joe Biden this week that Washington would support Taiwan militarily if attacked by China, seemingly in a break with traditional US policy.

On Friday, NATO defense ministers gathered for the second day of a Brussels summit amid an ongoing debate among EU nations over whether to establish a small European rapid reaction force.

Speaking at a press conference, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin reiterated Washington’s resolute commitment to NATO and its “sacred obligation” to the bloc’s Article 5.

Asked whether the United States would defend Taiwan if attacked by China, Austin doubled-down on US backing for Taipei after President Biden vowed to support the island nation against Beijing on Thursday. Austin promised that the US would continue to help Taipei with its defense capabilities.

“We remain committed to the One China policy…As we’ve done under multiple administrations, we will continue to help Taiwan with resources and capabilities it needs to defend itself,” the Pentagon chief stated.

Beijing’s ‘One China’ policy has been tacitly accepted by US policymakers for decades recognizing the People’s Republic of China as the legal government of China, while also maintaining unofficial diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

This is all just nuts.

There is no possible way that the US could stop China from taking Taiwan. It’s simply too far away from the US, and too close to Mainland China. China could have the island totally surrounded, the government surrendered, and the opposition pro-Beijing party sworn in, in a matter of hours.

Frankly, I don’t even really understand what this means, this thing that the Bidens are saying. No one believes that the US can stop China from taking Taiwan.

So what does it mean then? That the US will attack China in retaliation? They will attempt to reclaim Taiwan?

This isn’t Syria or Iraq. You can’t do a “limited strike” on China. You can’t “hit key facilities.” China is a superpower, the richest country in the world (by a lot), with modern, futuristic cities and a massive, real military – including super space missiles.

I’ve no idea what is going on here, other than what I’ve already said: these people are out of touch and out of control.

I think anyone would be safe saying that it is unlikely that Lloyd Austin is making these decisions. Okay. So, who is? We have no idea. It is probably some “Illuminati” group of deluded boomers from various think tanks.

What we are talking about at this point, with the Bidens openly saying that they will attack China in defense of Taiwan, is a nuclear war with China – which I think the US will almost certainly lose.

I need to write something big about this. This is a massive, unprecedented thing, for the Biden Administration to come out with this.

But just let me say this, yet again, right now, because this cannot be said enough: the original reasons for the US occupying Taiwan are not relevant in the current year. The US could very easily negotiate Chinese reunification, and get basically any concessions they ask for.

As I have said six million times: if “Taiwanese democracy” is so important to the Democrat and Republican parties, the US could demand a Hong Kong style “one country, two systems” deal for Taiwan, where their current government maintains virtual autonomy. That is what is going to happen anyway when China takes over; they do not have any desire to disrupt Taiwan, given that it does make money. (And also given that Chinese culture is very focused on tranquility, as a rule.)

They could even negotiate resettlement of the wiggers in Kazakhstan or Afghanistan or whatever the hell. (I don’t really even understand what the State Department is saying about the wiggers, other than that they want them to be able to commit terrorist attacks against Chinese people.)

More importantly, in a deal for Taiwanese reunification, the US could get better trade deals. Also, if they’re worried about US sovereignty in the face of Chinese economic expansion, they could negotiate buybacks of Chinese-owned property in America and Australia.

The only reason that the US would claim to be willing to go to war to protect democracy in Taiwan – something which most (half at minimum) Taiwanese people are opposed to, by the way – is because they do not want China to remain an independent country.

The United States is the head of a globalist project to create a one world government. China doesn’t want to be a part of a one world government. So the US has to change the government of China, somehow.

If I were the Chinese, I would call the bluff.

After the Biden pledge, if Taiwan falls, that will be the end of American global supremacy, the dollar will no longer be the reserve currency, the US economy will totally implode, and this satanic reign of terror that these Jews have inflicted on the world will come to a sputtering end.

Of course, the Chinese are too conservative for that.

I will say that I think the chances that the people that run the US government would have the nerve to start firing nukes is very low. I think more likely, the government in Washington would fold like the Afghan government, with the leaders fleeing in helicopters to Switzerland or the Caribbean.

But hey – who knows? I don’t know. China doesn’t know. Maybe the US would start firing nukes. These people are nothing if not weird and wacky.

But it is really crazy to think that at any moment now, we could be 48 hours away from the total collapse of the Washington Zionist Occupation Government.

No more vax. No more child trannies. No more Black Lives Matter. No more readings from Lawn Boy.

The censorship situation is just so insane.

Most Americans – probably 97% of them – have no idea that we could be at any time hours away from a nuclear war or a total implosion of the Washington occupation – or both.

Boomers are still saying that Joe Biden is controlled by the Chinese (???).

The official statements of the Republican Party look like this:

Biden has escalated tensions with China above where they were when Nixon first visited the country – but he’s not going hard enough!

It’s just – it’s out of control, how disconnected everyone is from reality.

I heard a boomer on The Ralph Retort the other day – which is a pretty tapped in show – claiming that the coronavirus was a “Chinese bioweapon released against America.” Most Americans have the excuse that they don’t really have access to information, but I’m sure anyone on Ralph is at least aware of this excruciating work I’ve done to explain the situation with the supposed virus and the China situation.

But hearing that boomer on Ralph say something so moronic, even when he surely is hooked into the alternative media and has access to these ideas, made me reflect on the people in charge: whoever is controlling this situation in the background, it is boomers. Boomers will just believe things – very strongly – without any rational basis. There is something deeply wrong with these people.

Then you add the elite decadence to that, and you’ve got boomerism on steroids.

So, saying “they can’t possibly think they can win this conflict in the long term” is really meaningless.

All the information we have right now indicates that the people making these foreign policy decisions – whoever they are – are completely out of touch with basic reality, and could really do anything.

Anyway, yeah – there needs to be a much better article in response to this escalation by the Biden Administration, which really does signal a push for war.


The White House issued a low profile denouncement of the Biden statements. I hadn’t seen this yet when I wrote the above. (I apologize, but the censorship has really disrupted a lot of my supply lines in terms of how I get my news updates. In my own defense, RT and the BBC hadn’t seen the retraction either this afternoon, and they have an actual staff. I’m just one person.)

The AFP didn’t see it three hours ago.

As of this morning (afternoon China time), China hadn’t seen the retraction either.

I don’t even know what this is – you’d think they’d want people to know about the retraction. Biden officially announced a total reversal in decades-long American policy towards China, which could easily trigger a nuclear war. You’d think there’d be a bit of urgency in correcting that.

Anyway, Biden and Austin’s comments were made separately.

Austin’s comments were made this morning, and they have not been retracted by the White House yet. So as of right now, the official stated policy of the Pentagon is that if China annexed Taiwan, the US would attack China.

But yo – I’m out! I already wrote that messy long thing, then I did it again!

And this is late to press! I’m gonna read up on the Chinese statements, then try to figure out what the Bidens are saying, and be back with more on this tomorrow.

It’s pretty exciting to think that this whole nightmare could be called off early. Of course, we’ll still have to deal with total social collapse in America, and black cannibal gangs, etc., etc., etc. Still a good solid decade before a real government could be formed.

The good part is, me and the boys already chose a leader.

Wait, sorry – wrong photo.

Meant this one.