Saturday, October 23, 2021

Free Course: The Biblical Structure of History - by Gary North


If you have ever wondered why high school and college textbooks on American history are so far to the left, this course will explain it.

I decided to major in history in the fall of 1960. That was 61 years ago. Time flies.

I decided in early September I would write a book on the biblical structure history. Yes, there is such a structure. No, you did not read about it if you went to a Christian college and majored in history. Your professor did not know.

I finished the book yesterday. Now I am going to publish it, chapter by chapter, every day. In this format, it will serve as a course. I will publish it as a book next year. I will have to index it. I hate to index.

The link to each lesson will be posted underneath the box containing the latest articles. It will take a month for me to post all of the lessons.

Here is the page on which the daily lessons will be posted.