Sunday, October 10, 2021

Why Christianity is Here to Stay By Anthony J. DeBlasi (Not to be confused with Churchianity! - CL)

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Daily we sense the attacks multiplying of those who want to destroy the very basis of society: the natural family, respect for human life, love of country, freedom of education and business. We see heads of nations and religious leaders pandering to this suicide of Western culture and its Christian soul, while the fundamental rights of citizens and believers are denied in the name of a health emergency that is revealing itself more and more fully as instrumental to the establishment of an inhuman faceless tyranny. − Archbishop Viganò (2021)

I grew up Roman Catholic, immersed from baptism to confirmation in the beauty of its music, art, traditions and, most of all, its wisdom. (Time frame: first half of the 20th century.) The Catholic vessel of the original Christian faith is more than beautiful; it holds, I must say, its animating substance and spirit. In a 21st century terribly messed up by morally defective elites, there is no cause for Christians to be fighting one another instead of God-dismissing “liberals” who, suffering from globalist fever, have given up on humanity. It is urgently in fact a time to “unite the clans,” as the editor of The Remnant points out.

In simple terms, Christianity is a faith that keeps earth and heaven connected, calls each human to be and act in consonance with that union, yet lords over no one. Detractors and enemies of the Faith point to ugly history in its administration. Let them review their own history. Were it not for the founding of an apostolic Church by Christ Himself, there would be no Christian faith today, a fact that rides over all protest.

Unlike my oldest brother, who became “wise in his own mind” in youth (and woke up later), I never lost my connection with God, it was not simply a feeling but a non-intellectual form of knowledge of reality, something I believe everyone is born with. How better to begin to understand this than to notice that none of us actually had anything to do with our being on earth in the first place, a fact stretching back through all generations before to ours.

It’s been clear to me since early adulthood that theology never really “explains” the Faith. It is in fact a possible way to distort the Faith so as to make Christianity follow the times instead of leading them. In any such deviant “mission,” falsified Christianity amends Gospel truth that “interferes” with desired agendas, calling the amendments to holy scripture “progress” and compounding this subversion of truth in temporal courts of justice. A prime example of such Orwellian “justice” is how the Constitution was made to “live” by letting it die.

This is systemic insensitivity and blindness to the reality that “change” and “progress” that harm people have no business in human affairs. Change and progress that in fact benefit people must be in harmony with the unchanging nature of being human, a nature that connects the biologic and cultural aspects of people with former and future humans and, ultimately, with human origins and destinations. These transgenerational ties are not valid subjects of private opinion or corporate tampering. Yet some (many in government), lacking such basic insight and believing the lie that morality is a “private matter,” aid and abet sociopaths and wannabe tyrants.

Living a full life in an uncertain world, for which the religion of Christ is especially well suited, involves much more than having fun on a ticket provided by God or sold by those who think they are God. It is a job calling each man, woman, girl, and boy to flower into one’s best self, based on a unique design from the Mind of the Creator.

Philosophies of life that dismiss the Source of Life from their considerations − that replace Almighty God with Almighty State or Almighty Machine or Almighty Me – are aberrations of reason that disqualify them as platforms for action that seriously affects people. Those based on a “science” of people and society tend to reduce human beings to “data” and ignore what has never been improved upon: a vertical family-community-God relation and a horizontal generation-to-generation relation, with power structures that respect and support those relations. Prescriptions of “social science” or of think tanks may dismiss the centrality of those relations to the wellbeing of people but “progress” that disregards them is ultimately a way to tragedy.

Such traditional wisdom has been called “rigid” by “liberals.” They who object to such “rigidity” ought also to object to the “rigidity” of breathing, the “rigidity” of eating, of sleeping, loving . . . of every vital function of life. Alert senses and a working mind allow anyone to see that every vital function of life is (thankfully) unchanging.

Alas! The constants of life can and will exact pain and suffering as well as pleasure and delight. (The dark side of life hit me hard when serving in a war zone in Korea.) This is a reality that children should not have to learn the hard way but be prepared for as they grow – a job that used to be taken more seriously by parents.

The truth, once highly regarded in academia, is today excluded from public discourse because it interferes with the schemes of one-worlders, wise in their own minds and obsessed with altering reality. Truth flies over the heads of many whose minds have succumbed to globalist fever. Among them are hordes of the “woke” who are in fact asleep to the world around them.

Men and women of reduced mental faculties have for decades been allowed to run our nation. It could be said, as traditional Chinese of former times have remarked, “the time of little men has come.” Many such “small leaders” publish books, attend world conferences on fatuous theories of social progress, climate and tech projections based on “settled science,” and move governments to “save the world,” mostly from their mistakes. Corporate media heads applaud and do all they can to help put the public onto a yellow brick road to Global Oz. If this sounds cynical, remember that it is for good reason that the Gospel includes the warning: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” [Matthew 7:15].

Had so many in positions of power not constructed and slipped into their own traps – unlike leaders in the “time of big men” when this nation was formed − they would not be busy making costly, often deadly mistakes but being good fathers and mothers and single men and women applying their talents and energy to work that actually makes life better for all, a “strategy” for human wellbeing with no date line. Instead of trying to reinvent the world, scaring people to death over a virus, over an ever-changing climate, or over that “next new crisis,” many with genuine ability to lead might have spent time studying the relevance of Christianity to the world they inhabit if only to see why it is so persistent.

The longevity of a religion is proportional to its relevance to the reality of being human in an uncertain world. From my point of view as a Christian, unadulterated Christianity comes closest to the truththe wayand the life of human beings.

Here I must say that I defend the religion of Christ against any that lords over people or ties them to Big Brother government, and against any whose “ethos” mandates brutality and terror. I defend it against any, such as the religion of “political correctness” that dims the power of reason and rejects everything that stands in the way of a political agenda.

And here I must also say that I respect and cherish with all my heart a Faith that has inspired much of the greatest art and music in the world, a Faith that unites us here on earth with the Creator and liberates us from what is false and destructive. That this human interface with God comes by way of a faith that is impervious to “the times” is cause not for dismay but for joy, for it reflects a wisdom beyond any found on earth.