Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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The Hidden War - Vox Popoli

Archbishop Vignano, who is the closest thing that Catholics currently have to a real Pope, denounces the wicked alliance of the Deep State with the Deep Church:


It now seems clear to me that we are facing a siege on both the social and religious front. The so-called emergency pandemic has been utilized as a false pretext to impose the vaccination and Green pass in many nations of the world in a simultaneous and coordinated way… They support them in this wicked plan and go so far as to condemn those who do not accept being subjected to inoculation with an experimental gene serum, with unknown side effects, that does not impart any immunity from the virus, to say nothing of the moral implications related to the presence of genetic material derived from aborted fetuses, which for a Catholic is a more than sufficient reason to refuse the vaccine. We are war, a war that is not openly declared, that is not fought with conventional weapons, but a war all the same… The alliance is not between state and church. But it is between the deep state and deep church.

“The vaccine victims are sacrificed at the altar of Moloch…. [The elitists] present themselves as representatives of the people but in fact they act against the people. Without any constraint, without limits either from above, since they have canceled the divine origin of the power of those who govern nor from below, since they do not allow citizens to elect their own representatives unless they are certain can manipulate the vote to their own advantage.”


The spiritual war has gone hot. It’s vital to understand that you are engulfed by it, and neither innocence nor naivete will prevent you from de facto choosing a side, even if you don’t truly understand what you are doing. This isn’t a court of law or a game, and there isn’t anything fair about it.