Saturday, October 30, 2021

I Said It Would Collapse: IT IS - by Karl Denninger

A few months ago I predicted that by the end of the year the Branch Covidian religion would wind up eating itself and collapse.

Now it is.

It has come out that the government intends to mass-deny all military religious exemptions.  This is no longer speculative at least as regards The Navy; it is now proved as the documents have been uncovered and leaked.  Whether that went into the injunction issued by a DC Judge is not known, but that the injunction issued is fact.

The OSHA alleged "ETS" has not been published despite being well beyond the date it was to drop.  OSHA has no authority to issue such an ETS on this subject matter; Congress never gave them that authority and the Executive can't amend law.  Even within their authority the issuance of an ETS is a fraught process with OSHA losing most of those on challenge in the courts.  Biden's administration knows this and now they have multiple trade groups warning them that issuing the rule will likely lead to mass-quits, slowdowns and disruption right into the holidays.

Of course the problem is that doing it later just moves when the bad happens.  I'll take the under on that ever seeing the light of day at this point.

The minute that ETS issues it will draw suits and demands for injunctions from dozens of filings.  The odds are extremely high that not only will the injunctions issue (after all, a jab in the arm if it goes bad is the very definition of irrevocable harm) but that the ETS itself will eventually get struck as well.  When that happens the entirety of the employer base who issued and enforced mandates without the backing of anything are going to have sudden acute need for a proctologist.

The burying of adverse events from the jabs that lead to death is not going to last.  Nor is the fact that the jabs don't stop transmission, symptoms, or, very-importantly, giving the virus to others.  Indeed a just-published Lancet study shows that vaccinated people are just as likely to transmit the virus as unvaccinated and only modestly less-likely to get it themselves, meaning that any claim that the vaccines protect others and thus could form a defensible "reason" to issue issue a mandate was and is a bald-faced lie.  If you got jabbed with the intent of "protecting" your elderly parents you were conned and may well kill them instead.

Oh, and lest you think that's just one study, it isn't.  A second preprint offers even worse news; potential negative effectiveness (which I remind you has been evident in the UK data now for a couple of months) and what may be the real 900lb Gorilla in the room: Near-complete loss of protection against severe outcomes among men, older frail individuals and those with comorbidities.  Those people who got jabbed to protect themselves in fact lose that protection more-seriously and faster.

To those who fear the PREP Act will be extended to employers to give them immunity: No it won't; there is no authority to do that in the legislation and it won't happen.  The PREP Act is a law already abused in that it was intended for use in a biological weapon attack.  Invoking it should have instantly led to challenge with the demand that the government name the attack and the attacker.  Of course we now know that's a problem because they'd have to admit they attacked us internally since the evidence is that the NIH directly funded the Wuhan Lab where the "escape" occurred.  If you want to know why hospitals all played lock-step the PREP Act is the reason.

Yes, it was the "Kung Flu" but we paid for the work and funneled it through Eco Health Alliance, so that means the US and European governments were the original source.  Yes, both Trump and Biden know damn well this is the case and both parties let it go on and funded it without comment which is why they both have tried to cover it up.  Indeed, Obama, love him or hate him (and I'm definitely not one of his fans) detected where what Fauci and his European and Chinese Pals were doing might lead and tried to stop it via Executive Order.

Talk about  "own goals!"

What do you do when a government commits an act of war on its own people?  If the citizens have a brain they sack it -- and all of the apologists who carried out their "orders."

People wonder about those who can think such as myself going "postal"; I assure you that anyone who can think won't be doing any such thing.  Why would I do anything to help people who cheered on the slaughter of their own grandmother?  Go **** yourselves, Branch Covidians.  I will never lift so much as one pinky, whether lawfully or not, to protect you from your own stupidity.  Indeed I relish watching what those who solicited, participated in and enabled the slaughter of a half-millions Americans justly deserve.

No, the more-interesting part of this is what happens if and when the Branch Covidians come to the realization they've been had.  That's happening.  It will continue to happen.  It will get worse.  Add to it all the people of color who are now finding out that Biden intends to give $450,000 to people who came here to the US illegally.  Uh huh, a half-million bucks per person and since this is for "separated" people that's at least a million bucks to each so-called "family" who, as their predicate act that led to the money, deliberately broke United States Law.

I have a suspicion that all those who had to earn their funds and who have been screwed blind over the last 18 months, say much less the last ten years, might be a little pissed off by this.  It's not like with no cops (all fired due to refusing to take a jab for a disease they already had and which is therefore worthless) they'd have trouble creating all manner or mayhem and murder eh?  Burn, Loot and Murder might have a rather amusing reaction to such once they figure it out.

Never mind the actual experts now stating out loud what I've pointed out since before the jabs were rolled out: There was no evidence they would prevent you from getting or spreading the disease.  It wasn't part of the trials.  And, it now appears, the trials were deliberately rigged so as to prevent "discovery" that the protection waned within months (gee, what a concidink that the time scale exactly matched up eh?  Do you really believe drug companies are not really good at designing trials and thus this sort of thing would be an accident?) and that reports of adverse events were deliberately ignored and buried.  In the most-recent trial of kids somehow, without explanation, 45 of them (a large number when we're talking about a trial of a thousand actual jabbees) dropped out.  Uh, that suggests somewhere around four percent had something significant happen; that is not a small percentage.  What was it that happened and why wasn't it explained?  Without explanation how do you vote "yes" other than because the government already spent the money and thus this is really nothing more than a rank bribe -- at the likely cost of the lives of children?

Is this sort of bad indicator (4%, more of less) roughly congruent with what we're seeing generally simply by personal knowledge of people I interact with and reports on various places such as social media?  Yes.  How bad?  That's highly-variable but the people who have had very bad reactions to these shots, not just a sore arm or feeling like crap for a day or two, is ridiculously high.  I would not be surprised if that number ultimately ends up being four percent!  We're talking life-altering changes that by any reasonable standard count as disability here folks, not inconvenience for a day or two.  There are multiple jurisdictions where clotting-based medical emergencies such as heart attacks and strokes are up by 25% or more across the population. 

Another coincidink?  Don't think so, particularly given that we know the spike itself is pathogenic and the jabs wind up in the heart (among the rest of the body's tissues) and produce spike proteins there -- which then results in the body's immune system attacking it.

In the past we stopped vaccination programs when fifty deaths were linked -- not caused, correlated with the jab.

In this case we continued even as the counts went well into the thousands and in fact turned "suggestions" into mandates which, I remind you, have no force of law as there's utterly no authority within the Federal Government to issue any such thing Was it really anything more than the simple fact that the check had already been cashed and thus irrespective of harm or even if it turned out to be a rank poison by God we were going to stab people with it?

No other medication would ever be permitted to proceed for anything other than an always terminal condition with these statistics.  I might accept a treatment for cancer that has a 4% chance of seriously injuring or killing me because untreated cancer is almost-always fatal.  But for someone who is healthy, even if elderly, Covid-19 has a less than 1% risk of killing or seriously injuring you and if you get it and survive without serious injury you gain long-term, durable protection against the disease.

These unlawful and federally unconstitutional "mandates" are now running into the reality of people saying "NO" -- and meaning it.  It has never been within the purview of the Federal Government to mandate vaccination whether through coercion or subterfuge, as has occurred here, save in one instance -- that of aliens attempting to enter the United States.  Isn't it curious that in the one case where the Federal Government has such authority they have allowed close to two million illegal invaders to cross into the US without being jabbed while in other places they assert an authority that clearly does not exist?

If you have determined that the jab makes no sense on a risk:benefit basis for you personally hold the line.  The first few innings are ending and next up, retribution aimed at those who issued mandates and screwed Americans by the millions will soon begin.  That part might get quite messy -- if it does that outcome is well-deserved and I will be tipping back two fingers of good single malt repeatedly in celebration.

You only get one life and your health is irreplaceable.  Don't squander it -- and especially do not even contemplate squandering your children's lives.  If you do that and they get injured I will fully support them, or their siblings if they die, eating you in response.  If you jab them and they are injured or die, given what we know about the lack of risk of this disease in children (less than that of Chicken Pox, to be specific) you deserve to be food.

If your government tries to kill you, and the evidence is that they did so through reckless experimentation which they paid for and then deliberately tried to evade detection of through subterfuge, it went bad, they hid it on purpose and then they tried to steer profiteering of their ****-up to favored friends and that went bad as well with the combination of the two slaughtering over a half-million citizens what is the proper recourse for the citizens to take if their loved one(s) were victimized by these ghouls?

This might be the least offensive response to all such entities, whether local, state or federal along with all the medical ghouls who assisted and profited from it themselves instead of blowing the whistle and demanding it STOP that an intelligent person can muster.


PS: The one-trick wonder firms involved in this?  I'll lay odds they're all nothing more than another Theranos except this time, instead of returning worthless results they actually did harm.  Best of luck to them and their corporate officers; they're gonna need it.