Thursday, October 14, 2021

DaJabber Report – unauthorized - but also unchallenged on FACTS!

Lying comes easy once our conscience is seared. It is especially true if our livelihood depends on it and we GRADUALLY learn to rationalize our decision to do so – eventually becoming literal servants of Satan.

Strong words?

Yup – but also true - Are We Governed by Humans?


Why do I keep harping on this realizing full well that few minds will be changed? Simple – my conscience will not allow me to stay quiet – why? Ezekiel 33 – read it yourself. Once the warning has been issued and available to be seen by YOU – the onus is now on YOU!

Prove ALL things!

Through a process which started decades ago, I became more and more familiar with the Bible (and still learning) – a very dangerous threat to the god of this world – why?

It SLOWLY opens your eyes to the mind of God and you begin to see yourself and the whole world as it truly is – your delusions are systematically destroyed as you begin to discern good from evil. Hebrews 5:11-14 – read it.


So – with that background let’s catch up with DaLying Bastahds!


A New Religion With A New Sacrament? | The Heidelblog - by R. SCOTT CLARK


The State and the Problem of Evil By Derek Dobalian

Ultimately, Christians ought to recognize the dangers of the State more than anyone.


Winning The War Against Therapeutic Nihilism

By Dr. Peter McCullough


NBA Player Got Blood Clots From COVID Vaccine that Ends His Season – NBA Told Him to Keep It Quiet (VIDEO)


The virus that doesn’t exist: lies and consequences


If the virus actually existed


There is still no “hundred-employee” vaccine mandate


The WHO Confirms That the Covid-19 PCR Test Is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” Are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis


I’m a medical professor under fire from my jab-pushing employer, and I’m not standing down - ‘I have no intention…of resigning, withdrawing my lawsuit, or having an unnecessary medical intervention forced on me, in spite of these challenging circumstances,’ declared Dr. Kheriaty, of the University of California.

Two Young Children 'Mistakenly' Given Experimental Pfizer COVID Vaccines Instead of Flu Shots Develop Heart Problems - Christians for Truth - The sad results............When you get your news from DaEveningNews!

 Go Ahead, Keep Being Stupid - The screamfest about how Covid-19 infection produces "worse" myocarditis and other cardiac complications than the vaccines will, of course, be maintained.  Never mind the clinical study data that says that's a lie:

 Covid-19: A Psychological Military Operation, Part 2 By Dr. Igor Shepherd - According to the DOD’s Counterinsurgency Operations Report, psychological military operations, better known as psyops, are faked scenarios perpetrated on an unknowing populace “to influence emotions, motives, objective reasonings, and behaviors.” The current so-called pandemic is an enormous global military psyop implemented by communists-crazies who have infiltrated governments of all nations. Their goal is to “silently” usher in a post-Covid-19 one world government and decimate all freedoms and civil rights of free human beings.